Fannie Turns a Profit. What's in Store For Home Buyers?

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It's the first time in three years, but Fannie Mae's Q4 earnings are actually in the black.  What's up with that?  If you've purchased a home in 2009 or 2010 you know that a big reason is due to new lending guidelines which has given every Realtor, Originator and Processor ulcers.  BUT, their conventional loan book of business is looking really strong with a weighted loan-to-value at 68% and a weighted overal credit score of 762. 

It's a nice headline but the let's not forget about  the $91.2 billion in taxpayer support Fannie's requested since placed into conservatorship in September 2008.  (AKA: The Day That Lending as we knew it died.  RIP)

With this news, we hear whispers of even strictor guidelines requiring higher down payments to hedge risk.  As a Realtor working with lots of First Time Home Buyers and Move Up/Down Buyers, the last thing my clients need is to hear that they need to wait another year to buy and save another $20,000 to buy.  Logic would tell us that limiting access to lower down payment loans for those who can easily afford the payment would be a huge bummer for the market, but the last several years indicates that logic has been a rarity.

A very interesting report was recently released from a Senior Analyist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland noting that "more people decide to become homeowners when the down-payment restrictions are eased then when rates are reduced.  A 1% interest rate subsidy may create an additional 74,000 Home Buyers, but down-payment assistance of $3,200 could attract $541,000 new Home Buyers." 

On my Radio Show, I coined 2010 as the year where Common Sense Was Not So Common.  But, hey, its 2011...If this study is accurate, wouldn't logic tell us that this may be a better place to focus? 

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