What is the best investment opportunity going these days????

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Investing in a bank-owned, short sale, foreclosure, etc. home can be an excellent opportunity but there is a lot to consider.  First, you must be lucky enough to get an honest agent/broker to work with to even have your contract considered.  Competition is raging and the investors are plentiful.  Banks respond at the speed of molasses in January and listed prices many times won't even get you considered in the crowd.  If you should be fortunate to land some of these opportunities you then get saddled with property management fees, constant repairs, flaky renters, property damage, legal expenses and the list goes on.  As a result, many simply won't look at buying a rental house despite the opportunities.  Where do you go to invest when the stock markets are as stable as a two legged horse and the banks are paying a whopping 1%?

I'll tell you where!  Arizona Land may be one of the best opportunities of late.  With Maricopa county being one of the fastest growing demographics in the USA coupled with our current economic downturn, I am seeing Land Sales opportunities like I have never seen in my 34+ years of Arizona land sales specialization.  With many properties available today at a dime on the dollar or even better, in some cases, now is the time to jump aboard.  With consumer confidence down, the opportunities only get better.  Inventory is strong while prices are very weak.  While buyers are still watching and waiting the competition is less than it usually is.  Lending rates are as low as ever and the cost of building is as affordable and competitive as I have seen for decades.  In short, there has never been a more perfect storm brewing in my time in the market to capitalize on the perfect investment in Arizona Land.  I have the opportunities if you are interested.  Just call "Dr. Dirt" the Arizona Land Specialist for 34 years.  Oh yes, I love referrals and pay 25% with a smile!

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