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BackupifyThis is a public service announcement (you should be hearing the sound of a rainbow appearing on your screen right about now).

Google lost the email of about 150,000 people over the weekend. Their standard line was that it affected less than .08% of all gmail users. I'm sure that was cold comfort if you were one of those 150,000. Apparently the data was never actually "lost" it was just misplaced for a while.

And yet, being the google-phile that I am, it sent a chill deep into my bones.

But then, a white horse appeared on the horizon in the form of a company who wanted to capitalize on the terror of others. And I totally jumped on that bandwagon with both feet. Backupify is offering free backup of gmail, facebook, flickr, google docs & contacts for one year -20gb worth - if you sign up today (and today only!) before midnight, using the promo code savegmail.

So go on over there and back that thing up for free.

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