How can I find out if mold is a problem in my home?

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There has been a sharp increase in the media over mold concerns in homes. Many home buyers want a mold sampling done before they move into their new home. It can be completed at the same time as a standard home inspection. Typically there will be a visual inspection and also mold odors will be noted, looking for possible mold contaminated areas. The source of all mold is moisture and a food source. The search for the moisture intrusion is critical for identifying the extent of the contamination.

This sampling is done by tape or swab sampling of the actual mold growth. If no growth is visible, then an air quality test is done in several areas of the home. There is usually an indoor and outdoor sampling done to compare results for comparison. 

After completion, the samples can be evaluated by a lab, and an action plan can be put together to start the remediation. 

No matter what the extent, the cause of all water intrusion must be corrected first. This could be as simple as just extending the downspouts at least 6 feet from the house to help prevent water from entering the crawl space.

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