New Mexico Legislature

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They control the real estate practices, the water, and more.  At least in New Mexico, this is the time of year when our legislature is in session.

This legislature meets every year, in alternate years for a month or two months.  This year it is a two month session where more than the budget is decided.  In years past, things such as bans on cock fighting, medical use of marijuana, drilling for oil, and beyond have been decided.

I sat in on the beginning of a session last week, representing the board of the Espanola Valley Humane Society.  The Society was being honored for the exceptional work of management in ensuring the safety of animals during a loss of heat.

This year, there is a change of governor and the political party they represent, a bit more of a divide in philosophy than in the past eight years.  Those true to the democratic party are biting their nails over proposals the new governor is making.  Republicans are a bit licking their chops in anticipation of things to come.  As across the nation, the budget is a bit issue.

For me, I am mostly glad it is not my profession to gather the money to get the office to represent the people who count on every thing I do.

Thanks to those willing!


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