Get the Most Out of a Hawaii Kai Property Inspection by Asking These 5 Questions

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Now that you've found a house you're interested in purchasing, the next step is to make sure that everything is in order both inside and outside the house. In this article, we'll go over a series of questions you should ask your home inspector during the inspection. These questions will help you get a good idea of what condition your property is in. Remember that you're paying for a service when you have a home inspector come by. Don't be shy about asking questions. Most home inspectors expect their customers to ask a lot of questions.

Question #1 Have the Foundations Checked

Most buyers know to ask the inspector about the foundations. While this is an important question to ask, do keep in mind that the inspector can only tell you about what he sees. He cannot tell you if there are termites in the wood without a proper termite inspection. Rotting wood or water damage that's hidden is difficult to spot as well. The inspector can tell you what he thinks based on what's visible, but usually not much more.

Question #2 Electrical

What condition is the electrical system in? Are there any....

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