Northeast Los Angeles Crime Report For The Past Year

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Well as we progress in Northeast Los Angeles in this new year we look at crime and what has taken place in the past.
Keep these details for reference concerning communities in N.E.L.A.

Echo Park
Every category of crime except burglary went down. Burglary: Up 67.5% (up 25 crimes).
Main concern is robbery up 108% (up 52 crimes).
Highland Park
This neighborhood experienced huge reductions in crime. Concern- Rape: Up 17% (up one crime).
Glassell Park
Crime is being held to past levels with the exception of theft from autos: Up 40% (up 23 crimes).
Eagle Rock
Most crime has been reduced with the concern now on Burglary & Larceny: Up 12% (23 more than 2010).
Mount Washington
Crime at a minimum with the concern now on Burglary: Up 84% (up 37 crimes).
Atwater Village
Most crime levels reduced with emphasis now on Robbery: Up 163% (up 13 crimes), Larceny: Up 19%.

This information is obtained from the Northeast Los Angeles LAPD station. The data shows that the above neighborhoods have one aspect in common which is burglary. Residents need to be aware of what is taking place around them. As a local resident Realtor in Northeast Los Angeles I often see people leaving items in plain sight in vehicles and homes that are not properly secured. We must all watch for each other to better the quality of life in all of N.E.L.A. It only takes a few minutes, if that, for a burglary to happen. Remember to secure your home and not leave items in plain view in your vehicles.

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