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As most are aware there are 3 amazing subdivisions within Grayhawk as a whole each with their own character and style of home and amenities to be offered. Broken down as follows The Park at Grayhawk and The Retreat at Grayhawk which is all gated and has 2 sections The Raptor Retreat on the Raptor Golf Course, and the Talon Retreat on the Talon golf course.

What a lot of people don't know are the subtleties of this community and as such there are rules and regulations, I would like to call "Tips and Tricks" to selling or buying in this community.

Realtor Registration in Grayhawk

A Realtor must be registered with the Association and must have the registration form, drivers license and business card at the gated community entrances the first time you access the properties.  At which time you will be given a guest pass for the day after that your business card will suffice. Forms are enclosed here 2011 Realtor Package

Open Houses in Grayhawk

Can be done from 8am -5pm daily but you must use the community signs purchased from the association at a cost of $100 each only bring a check

For Sale Signage in Grayhawk

You may only use one 18" by 24" sign and one 6" by 24" rider as per arizona Revised Statute 33-1808F

It can only be in the front yard, parallel to the curb and 18" from the curb

The post must be used that is known as the "Grayhawk Model" which is a 4' by 4' white vinyl double post and it must be mounted no more than 4 feet above ground.

Do not put any other form of signage, no lit signage, balloons etc etc out.

No for lease signs or for rent may be posted

In the case of the Condo or Town homes sellers may have a Grayhawk sign that is 18" by 24" in the most prominent window.

And all signs must be removed within 5 days of the COE.

Assesments in Grayhawk

Because of the varied communities a within Grayhawk it is imperative that the 2011 assessments be checked as tehy all differ they can be found here 2011 Realtor Package

Community Enhancement Fund in Grayhawk

This is a fund set up for future enhancements and improvements to the community of Grayhawk, and not for current maintenance.

When a property is sold in Grayhawk there is (.005%) of the sales price taken at closing

If a seller sells his home in the retreat there is an additional fee charged of (.00375%) at closing for a max of .00875%

Estoppel Fee in Grayhawk

This is a fee charged to the seller at closing for the set up of the CC&R's for the new buyer and the closing of the sellers account.

There are 2 fees only for a total of $590.  $295 for the Grayhawk Fee and the Sub-association fee or Retreat Fee 2011 Realtor Package

Sub Associations within Grayhawk

There are 8 additional sub associations with whom you need make contact that add additional amenities to the community and help enhance the character of each sub subdivision as it were:

As far as someone who lives here and sees HOA documents as a mortgage lender all the time this is a very simple and streamlined HOA community, very pro Realtor and Seller/Buyer don't be put off by the information above everything is very clearly spelled out unlike some communities where the surprises come at the end!

Grayhawk is a fantastic community to live work and play in let me know if i can help finance your next purchase in Grayhawk

2011 Realtor Package for Grayhawk


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