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New Mexico residents enjoy fabulous food and much can be had very very hot!

This weekend in Albuquerque the Fiery Foods and BBQ Show, 23rd annual, is sold out for vendors.  They expect 15,000 attendees.  This part I know is true. FIERY  I have never been but what is reported to me is that the samples of sauces and foods are so hot, after the first few the heat of others may be a bit lessened as your tongue and taste buds have acclimated.

What I can report is that my personal tolerance for heat in my food has adjusted since moving to New Mexico from a mildly tolerant to moderately tolerant.  These are two examples of hot foods now tolerated and where I have had them:

The Shed in Santa Fe:  The number four is roundly heralded for its being quintessential New Mexico.  The composition is two blue corn tortilla's laid flat with cheese between, totally covered with red chile, and baked to melt the cheese.  That is it.  Some add an egg on top for a bit of variation.

Little Anita's, near Old Town, in Albuquerque:  Huevos Rancheros, over easy, green.  A typical serving would be a corn tortilla or two, topped with two eggs cooked to your order, with a choice of red, green or Christmas chile on top.  It could include a garnish of beans, lettuce, or pesole.

Okay, those from out of state thinking "so what?" 

Chile is not Texas chili made from a red sauce, ground meat and beans.  It is merely a smooth sauce made from hot red chile powder or a green sauce made from chopped chiles cooked into a sauce with chunks of chiles in it.

The heat comes from the chiles and depending on the restaurant and chile (sauce) preparation it can be kind of hot or really hot.  Some add their own additional heat as well. 

If you have been reared in Western Pennsylvania, it was all new to me and my mouth was absolutely not ready.  But I am doing better now.



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Jambalaya is one of the favorite here at home.. even my 3 year old son enjoys it to the fullest!

Looking forward to taste these good food that you've mentioned!

Mar 03, 2011 12:09 PM