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Most of us have a web-site, be it for personal reasons or for business.

Sites can be split up into plain static sites, which really are nothing else but glorified brochures, and interactive sites, which will not only keep your visitors hooked, but also will assist in being recognized by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

So, you take the first step; build a site, launch it on the Internet and ... now what?

If your site is not maintained, it will simply sit on a server. You will have to physically give your URL to your customers so they can see your efforts. Try and search for your business or for your listing and you will find yourself on page xxxxxx on Google. There are many companies offering page #1 listing for your site for lots of money - realistically speaking, no one can guarantee that your site will get there. The ONLY way that you can achieve this goal is by being persistent in writing your site's content; by linking to other sites and getting linked by others; by using critical key words in your articles, and by doing some leg-work (or finger work) in listing your site in Google Places, Yahoo business listings etc.Every time you add a picture to your articles, make sure that the description contains some of your key-words. For example if your key words include 'Georgia real estate" your picture's description should be:(e.g.) "great example of Georgia real estate". Something small, but really mighty when it comes to search engines! Every time you post on a Social Network site, such as Facebook, add a link to a different page on your web site. You are linking-back to your site, and backlinks count!

There are of course certain issues that you cannot really get done unless you have some basic knowledge of programming, however some of the above will certainly improve your listings.

HOWEVER - the BEST way to be able to control your popularity is by getting a site where you can do more than just adding articles and pictures. Pick carefully when it comes to hosting companies. Some, like Vistaprints for example - offer hosting which is absolutely easy to use and very economical, but will NOT allow any control over your content other than adding pages. If all you want is an on-line brochure this would be ideal, but if you want more control ..... chose carefully. When in doubt - call a web site designer. You will be glad you did!




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