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Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue in Sagle, Idaho

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The Lady Who Walks With Moose 

What would you do if you found orphaned or injured wildlife?  The first thing one needs to note, is that an orphaned deer, moose, elk, etc. may not really be an orphan.  Mom may be nearby and it would be important to not touch the animal as rescue may be unnecessary.  If the animal is injured or you have good reason to believe it is orphaned, call the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (208 769-1414) or Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue (208 241-7081).  Please note there can also be a fine associated with removal of wildlife.

New to our area is Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue, Inc. located south of Sandpoint right here in Sagle, Idaho.  Mystic Farm is a non-profit 501 c-3 rehabilitation facility that is fully licensed under the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to care for and release these injured or orphaned animals back into the wild. 

Dory McIsaac, owner of Mystic Farm and surrogate mother to many strives to be the only one at the farm who feeds and cares for the animals.  It is important not to create unnatural animal/human interactions for their fate is to go back into the wild once able to live on their own.  Dory explains that deer seem to leave on their own once mature or well enough , but baby moose and elk, typically, need to be nudged out of the nest when ready or as Dory puts it "soft return" or being "booted out by Mom".  It took many treks into the wilderness to introduce Maynard the moose to his new adult life. Dory could be seen trudging into the hills with Maynard trotting along behind like a duckling.  Dory would try to sneak away when Maynard wasn't looking and return back home only to find Maynard trailing behind.  It can sometimes take several attempts, but eventually succeeds....just like it does in nature.

Most endeavors like Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue, Inc. are run by very dedicated people with love for the work and none or little financial backing.  Mystic Farm Rescue, Inc. welcomes contributors, volunteers and caring people!  All donations are tax deductible.






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