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I am providing a pre-release press release to all of you who view this post. will be launching on October 15, 2007 as the most comprehensive real estate search engine in the world.  First of all, we are a privately held company that is run by real estate investors, NOT VC's. !!!
Our search engine will be doing what no other real estate sites are doing; searching the entire market and giving you an accurate idea of what is REALLY our there when you search for real estate.  

Right now you can do the following things when searching. (I know there are hundreds of sites to "go to" , but here are the main ones and how people use them. )

I am listing the most popular ones in order. 

1) go to and look at realtor listings only.....(outdated realtor listings, lol)
2) you can go to and look at realtor listings as well, they offer some cool trend data, etc,)
3) you can go to and look at forsalebyowner listings...but thats it. 
4) you can go to yahoo real estate and look at .....some foreclosures, some realtor listings and thats about it
5) you can go to google base and pretty much do the same things as above. 
6) you can go to which i love , but you will mostly view fsbo listings and a few broker listings. 

or YOU CAN GO TO on October 15 and enter your search and allow our search engine and data feeds, sort through millions of listings and hundreds of real estate sites and bring to you in one nice neat clean format, the following listings. 
     1. realtor listings, 2. for sale by owner listings, (from all major fsbo sites), 3. foreclosures (from all major foreclosure sites), 4. Auctions, (from all major auction sites) 5. commercial properties (from commercial mls and other commercial sites), 6. rental listings (from all popular classified sites) 7. bank owned properties (from all major bank departments that we are direct to!!!)

on top of all this you can access our real estate social networking gateway.  this allows you to post a profile of yourself and network with other real estate professionals from around the world.  yes around the world!!
you will be able to rate other professionals if you have had interactions with them, and you are also able to network through the site to build relationships and "add friends" to your buddy list. 

you will also be able to POST PROPERTIES FOR SALE OR FOR RENT .  this is FREE FOR ALL USERS, unlike craigslist that now charges in some major met areas, we are free and will always be free. THE VENTURE CAPITALISTS WANTED US TO CHARGE, BUT THAT IS WHY WE DIDN'T GO THE VC ROUTE. 

Our site is currently nationwide as well as select international listings .  we plan to cover the entire globe within the first year and plan to dominate real estate search forever!!!!

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Jeremiah Johnson
4 Sale Tours - Sacramento, CA

Is your site going to be able to pull IDX links from differant MLS systems? Say if I gave our IDX link so that our office listing show up on your site.

Sep 26, 2007 10:26 AM
Chris and Berna Sloan
Group 1 Real Estate - Tooele, UT
Tooele UT
Mark... I am intrigued, and will wait for further releases.  Can we get on a "heads up" list?
Sep 26, 2007 10:38 AM
Mark Langowski - Stamford, CT
ok, to answer the following responses above. 
Jeremiah, yes, please email me at and we are able to pull idx listings from your site, per your permission. 

Melinda:  The glass is half full!!! Always!!!
  Re: data from every, we will be launching with certain listings from major brokerages , point2NLS data, and dozens of other realtor listings, but as Jeremiah has done above. He has captured the opportunity to allow us to include his firms listings onto our site because all it does for him is increase his exposure and costs him nothing. 
   Re:  fsbo's posting.  it will be easier than craigslist to upload your listings, change listings and delete listings.   
   Re: we update data from most feeds on the hour, but some feeds only like us to do it every 24 hours.  so that will be about as current and uptodate as it gets
   Re:  marketing.  please look for us in usa today, wall street journal and ny times
   Re:  funding:  we have VC's banging down our door as well as private hedge funds, as well as private investors (billionaires who see a great opportunity and want to be a part of it. )

Chris, if you give me your email address, i will put you on the mailing list that will go out on our launch date. october 15. thanks for your support. 

Sep 26, 2007 10:52 AM
I think your name is all wrong. You want to have a big site for real estate you will need a new name my friend. "beatyouthere" that doesnt make any sense at all. you want realtors and brokerages to use this site? not going to happen. Unless you have huge backing from Bill Gates, you have a lost cause on your hands mark. Good luck
Sep 27, 2007 11:36 AM
Thanks Timmy
Again, a person with a half full glass. 
I am sure you can explain to me the meaning of and Zillow and all the other sites that don't have anything to do with the name.  
We have backing sitting in the wings if we need it, but right now we have enough money in the bank to launch this properly.  I understand that our name is out there a bit, but its catchy and our name recognition surveys show that the name sticks in peoples minds.  
I encourage the feedback, but why do you post with no "profile", why do you hide behind a name??

Sep 27, 2007 11:42 AM