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Got Moss - Protect and Maintain Your Tile Roof!

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Moss, algae, mold and mildew are all forms of fungus that can grow on the top of your roof. Many roofs have areas that are hidden by the sunlight, which provides the perfect breeding ground for fungus. Vegetation---such as leaves, branches and other decaying plants---become food for the fungus. The moss itself does not damage the roof. However, the water that becomes trapped underneath the moss can cause additional wear and tear to your roof. Moss prefers areas with a lack of sunlight and can live on nearly any type of surface, including a roof with concrete tiles. Remove or kill the moss once, and it will simply keep coming back. The most effective way to kill moss on concrete is by removing both the moss and the conditions it needs to grow. Moss needs to be removed at first sight so it doesn't damage the roof or spread further. You can remove roof moss quickly and effectively without damaging the roof by using the right products and methods. Just as you would paint the exterior walls, consider a tile roof sealer as a way of enhancing, as well as protecting, old tile roof. On most homes, 60 per cent of what you see is the roof; therefore, most homeowners underestimate the importance of maintaining this part of the exterior. This is also the area of the home that is subject to the most weathering, oxidation and discoloration. Always consult a professional roof contractor specializing in Moss/Algae removal.

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Dan Edward Phillips
Dan Edward Phillips, Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, CA - Eureka, CA
Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, CA

Good Morning Ernie, excellent input on moss removal.  It is a major problem in this area. 

Mar 06, 2011 08:34 PM
Ernie Martinez
Eyeball Home Inspection Services - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hi Dan - I Really do not see alot of moss down here in SoCal  on roofs - But when I do I always advise my clients to take care of the roof covering tp prevent decomposition and to preserve the tile surfaces.

Mar 07, 2011 04:33 AM