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As Realtors we are also just regular people with personal lives and stories.  The following account is intended to reach as many people as possible in order to reach that one person who may find it life saving.  Even if you have no interest, please pass this on since sharing is the only way this information gets out.  The real time progress can be followed on my Facebook page or on ActiveRain.  Here's to success for all of us.....health and abundance.


1992 to 2011 seemed to go by in a flash and here I am with that tricky little malignant tumor waking up and trying to take over once more.  I had no symptoms for most of those 19 years other than the physical knowledge of a shackled tumor sitting there wondering if it was ever going to be able to rise up again.  Through a holistic approach including diet, herbs, spirituality and experimental alternative therapies, I was able to keep it at bay. 

When a person is thrust into the world of cancer and, for whatever reason, wants to know therapy choices outside of allopathic (conventional) medicine, the water becomes a bit murky.  This is what I experienced almost 19 years ago when the tests came back with the mind numbing results of positive for breast cancer.  Because of long term use of steroids/prednisone for asthma that rendered my adrenals useless, I decided the suppressed immune system made me a poor candidate for allopathic treatment.  The subsequent quest for alternative options turned into months and then years of experimentation.  It was only my tenacity that carried me through the myriad of therapies found under the radar.  Even more perplexing was the fact that each choice I stumbled onto had its own success story.....what would really work for me was the question? 

Fast forward to January, 2011 and it's time to brush aside the complacency that crept in and do battle again.  Actually, I don't like to think of it as a "battle" since battles take a lot of energy and focus and I feel focusing on the cancer in a "me against you" attitude is counter productive.  It's more of a let's find a way to part ways or learn, once again, how to live together. 

My journey has lead me through a perplexing maze, but brought me out the other side more educated.  I'm going to use that education to, hopefully, say goodbye to cancer permanently by using a treatment I've learned about, but never really tried in earnest.  Since there are others out there looking for options and sharing is the only way this information gets out, I have decided to invite you all to come along with me on this REAL TIME journey.....hence you are reading the first installment of "Saying Goodbye To Cancer" Please feel free to share. I must also add that I don't believe my choice is necessarily right for everyone....just another option. 

This first read is obviously going to be the longest as I attempt to bring you up to date.  Hereafter, I will briefly add events only as they happen.  So, here we go on this journey together. 


With the breast cancer situation becoming increasingly symptomatic, I've decided to start the alternative therapy and to enlist the help of an oncologist to learn more about my situation.  

January 7:  I started taking the black salve or the compound called Two Feathers formula (TF).  TF is related, but not the same as the substance I used the first time I dealt with cancer. Black salves or escharotics are fairly common substances used all over the world for centuries and usually made of native herbs.  Not all are intended for internal use.  There is a book by Dr. Ingrid Naiman, called "Cancer Salves, A Botanical Approach to Treatment" for those who want to learn more.

I have many success stories told to me by black salve users including my own, but will not share all in this format.  The one story I do want to share came from my daughter in law's Godmother who lives in Russia.  Her Godmother was diagnosed with advanced uterine cancer and pretty much told by the hospital "there is nothing we can do" except aggressive chemo.  This was a frightening treatment option and she said "no".  We sent her the Two Feathers formula and in what seemed like a short period of time, we got a frantic phone call in the middle of the night.  My son was talking to me on one phone while my daughter in law interpreted her Godmother's cries for help on another.  Apparently, the tumor was starting to come out through her abdomen and she freaked out a little.  With the help of interpretation, I tried to talk her through the fact this was a normal process and was a good sign.  This was 3 years ago and the hospital has found no more cancer. 

January  9:  I was at work when I realized I had forgotten to take the formula one hour after eating. It was four hours from food when I took the recommended dose and became very nauseated.  After sweating profusely, vomiting and trying to hide my condition, I escaped through the back door to the privacy of my home. 

I called TF who told me this can happen when a person is acidic (the formula detoxifies as well) and I needed to start more slowly the first week with half the recommended dosage and only an hour from food.  Following the instructions worked....no more nausea.

February 22, 2011:   I walked into the doctor's office with the results of recent blood tests and the original 1992 needle biopsy report with hesitation about how my unconventional ideas would be received by this oncologist.  To my delight, she was everything someone like me would want in a physician.  Tainted by past experiences with some doctors, I was pleasantly surprised as she expressed her familiarity with alternative and nutritional therapies, her willingness to partner with me and her offer to monitor me through this process with TF formula.  She even seems excited and curious which is a total bonus.  After looking over the reports, she was very impressed at the healthiness I exhibited after dealing with this for so long.  

Once acquainted and having done an exam, it was decided she would monitor me through the approximate two-four months needed to give this therapy a good try.  She also ordered an ultra sound and tumor marker tests in order to have a baseline.  She did not even suggest doing another biopsy or mammography because she wanted to do the least amount of invasiveness and radiation exposure knowing both could be counterproductive to my chosen therapy.....YEAH....a doctor who hears me and understands.  This relationship is important to my success.  She also suggested vitamin D3, Resveratrol, curcumin, modified citrus pectin, Avemar wheat germ extract, green tea, 5 or more fruits and veggies daily, 30 min of aerobic exercise daily and maintaining what the system refers to as normal body weight for my age....in other words, lose 20 lbs.  Weight loss may be the most challenging part of all.  I do love my food and don't get as much exercise as I should.. We meet again in six weeks. 

February 26:  Per TF instructions, stopped TF for two days, then resumed as normal...I should mention that TF suggested I take Albion magnesium glyconate to help the tumor release and Primrose oil for the estrogen situation. 

March 2.:  Ultra sound showed tumor approximately 1x1x2 inches, irregular in shape and attached to the chest wall.  Vitamin D3 was low, tumor markers at zero, (cancer is localized and not in blood stream) with possible estrogen involvement.

March 11:  Per instructions, I used compound topically.  It must stay undisturbed and dry on the skin for 3-4 days using a bandaged covering.

March 13:  Getting a lot more sensation in the area.  I am so curious about what it could look like at this point, but I'm resisting lifting the bandage until ready to wash off the dried compound.

March 15, 2011 I was finally able to shower and wash off the compound.  Boy, did that shower feel good.  There was nothing showing in the breast area yet, but the whole side of the breast remains VERY sensitive.  I put the compound on again for the second time....another 3-4 days without showering. I continue to take it internally 4 times per day. Eventually, the tumor should start to show itself on the skin as it makes its way to the surface.  When that happens, I will try to get pictures to post.

March 18  Was able to shower again and view what was happening.  I had something on my neck activating so I used topically on neck at the same time as I started using on breast.  The neck is REALLY doing something, but because it wasn't oozing which indicates breaking away, I put more on it this morning and bandaged again.  The breast, however, is slower.  It is finally showing a little something which is about 3 small white spots which many times is the precursor to an eschar (scab) forming. The breast situation is deeper, older and has scar tissue...all of which can slow the releasing of the tumor. I used compound again and bandaged.  Also, started getting bladder infection which seems to be family trait.  It surprised me because I thought no infection could get past this much oral use of the compound.  I called TF and was told it could be releasing some older long standing situation.  I am using golden seal and cranberry capsules for bladder infection and primadophillus to replace some of the good bacteria that may be lost during this process.  It is already feeling better.  TF also suggested replacing part of my water intake after ingesting compound with aloe vera juice concentrate.

March 21 Showered and checked progress.  The neck area is very active so I did not apply compound again...just bandaged to protect it.  To my surprise, the compound on the breast area has fallen out the side of the bandage (who knows when).  It is a clay-like substance that drys as it is exposed to air and without a secure bandage, it could fall out the side.  I bought gauze and paper tape for the next application to insure it stays put.  The area is still activating, but much slower than the neck area.

March 24 Showered and checked progress again.  The neck area looks as if the scab that has formed is breaking away on one side so I just covered with bandage.  The breast area is progressing more.  It now has the familiar yellowish and bubbly looking scab forming, yet dry and rough to the touch.  Applied more compound and bandaged with my new system of gauze and paper tape which is much kinder to my sensitive skin than the old bandage....and keeps it in place.

March 27 Showered and checked progress of both neck and breast.  The neck area looks pretty ugly as it goes through its process.  the eschar (scab) that is natually formed through this process is still only broken away on one side.  I may call TF and ask if it is okay to not be putting the salve on the neck.  As for the breaat area, the formation of the eschar is more pronounced...probably about the size of a nickel at this point.  For the last two days, it has been hurting more and VERY tender to the touch.  The pain is intermittent and not really sharp or dull, but in between.  Sometimes it seems to shoot across the breast. As usual, I put the salve on again and bandaged the area.

March 28 I did call TF for more info.  He said to continue topically on the neck until it has totally broken away.  Just don't put compound on raw skin.  He also said I needed to take compound internally until one week after all eschars have fallen off and skin has closed up and healing.  I am experiencing a lot more pain last night and today. I asked about taking Tylenol and he suggested doing whatever I need, but he would hold off as long as possible. He suggested warm Castor oil compresses to help with pain.  I also asked if he knew of cases where this did not work and he said about 20% of the time it didn't work.  I asked if there were commonalities amongst those for whom it didn't work and he said they usually had done one or more of traditional treatments like surgery, radiation or chemo.  I do not fall into that category so my chances are better.  I know when I was first diagnosed in 1992 and called physicians and naturopaths about alternatives, they all said that your chances of success with alternatives goes way up if you haven't done allopathic treatments.  Then again, many of the folks who have been involved with allopathics have had success with alternative treatments, so those of you who fall into this category, please don't give up.  80% success rate is pretty good.  Keeping up a positive attitude is a bit of work when pain sets in and being so public about all this.  Failure would put an unneeded black eye on alternatives when I know it can be a valid option.  Here's to a good attitude and success. Bad days come and go.

March 30 Showered and changed dressing applying more compound.  The pain is getting a little more consistent with different levels of pain at different times of day.  The breast area has developed more of the eschar which is the precursor to the tumor releasing.  I am still able to work, but I might start getting cranky. :-)  I will try to get a picture during next dressing change which is Saturday.

April 2 Friday was a relatively difficult day.  I was extremely tired and the breast hurt quite a bit.  Never got dressed, just tried to get comfortable and rest without much success. I decided I needed to get more rest and stop working as much.  I called TF and was told when there is a lot of calcification in the tumor, it is more painful during the releasing process. He suggested taking more of the Albion Magnesium which would soften the calcification.  I would think, with my tumor as old as it is, there is a good chance of calcification. I started Friday night taking quite a bit more magnesium.  Saturday, I was able to shower and my friend Karen was coming to take pictures before redressing.  I felt quite a bit better Saturday until night arrived.  I started breaking out in welts and my face was beginning to swell.  Between the itching and hurting breast, I got almost no sleep. Now it is Sunday and my face is swelling more.  I can't imagine what has done this except the Magnesium since that is the only thing I did differently. No one I have talked to has heard of a side effect like this with Magnesium so I am perplexed.  Trying to reduce swelling with charcoal capsules and lots of water.  I really don't know how to put the pictures on, but will try.

April 8  I realize I am way behind on the updates.  I've been going through an unexpected detour with this allergic reaction or overdose. I stopped all nutritional products and TF last Sat. night because of the welts, hives and swelling. After doing a little research on the Internet, I am almost positive this reaction is a magnesium overdose, since the symptoms are there and it is the only thing I did different on Sat.  I took 5 x recommended dosage in an effort to soften calcification in the tumor.  My arms began to swell from the elbows to the tips of my blue fingers and it was painful and agonizingly itchy and impossible to sleep. I finally went to emergency care on Tues. since my doc was out of town.  This doctor didn't believe it was magnesium and suggested Benadryl and calamine.  She had blood drawn for kidney function & magnesium level, both came back normal.  Wed. I went to scheduled appoint. with my oncologist.  I think she was a little freaked out and brought in two nurses to look me over and give opinions.  They all doubted the magnesium theory and thought the breast area looked infected because of the redness all around eschar.  I left with more suggestions for the hives and swelling and a promise I would go immediately to ER if my throat started to swell.  Next morning about 5;30, there was itchy, swelling eyes and a little swelling in throat.  I quickly dressed and drove to Bonner General ER.  By the time I saw a doc, I couldn't feel swelling in throat anymore. That doc didn't believe the magnesium theory either so now  I am 5 to one against magnesium (I'm the one).  Most seem to think it is sudden allergic reaction to TF and for a short time, there was a seed of doubt planted. I called TF who said in 31 years he had never had anyone report allergic reaction to TF.  Then again, he also had never heard of the magnesium reaction either, but he did say the albion magnesium is 100% absorbed by the body which most kinds of magnesium are not.  Also, while trying to fasten seat belt on Thurs., I felt the eschar tear and that really hurt. After checking under bandage, I saw it was weeping a lot and I had prematurely torn the eschar partially away from underneath. TF told me this could leave open to possibility of infection and to spray with colloidal silver on a daily basis, but it would not impair progress.  I decided to continue with no supplements, even TF, until hives are gone.  I slept through the night for the first time in a week & feel much better this sunny, Friday and still have hives & itching, but not nearly as bad. I am using TF topically and 50 mg of Benadryl every 6 hours.

April 9  Yeah, it happened!!  The tumor came all the way out this morning and my friend, Karen, came over to take pictures and brought me flowers.  I feel like I just gave birth.  There is quite a hole and it will be interesting to see how it heals over.  Karen went to hospital and picked up bottle and special solution to preserve the tumor as my oncologist wants to send to lab. I will take it to her on Monday.  I am spraying the hole with colloidal silver to prevent infection and covering with gauze. It is still quite sore.  I will post pictures on Facebook since I still don't know how to do it here.

April 11  I am much more comfortable with hives almost gone.  The breast is quite sore and I can't do jumping jacks yet, but it appears to be healing.  My oncologist is out of town until the 18th and nobody can do anything with the tumor until she orders it....so much for the lab test on the tumor.  I have no idea if we still have a viable tumor for testing or not.  I guess my oncologist didn't expect this to happen while she was gone....or never expected it to happen....I don't know.  Nobody has checked me out, but the skin is no longer red around the tumor area so I think I'm okay.  I am spraying the tumor hole with colloidal silver everyday when I change the dressing.  Much of the breast is still very sensitive and hurts when I jiggle too much, but I would not call it painful.  The whole process really hasn't been that bad if I take the allergic reaction out of the equation.  Let's see what tomorrow brings.

April 14  Woke up this Thursday morning feeling greatly improved.  Last Tues. night, since the hives were almost gone, I started ingesting the TF formula again and the breast felt even more sore after ingesting formula.  I called TF and he said that could indicate more being worked on.  He also said the open hole would not heal up while there is more to come out.  A portion of it seems to be filling in, but another area is still fairly deep.  Karen looked at it today and was impressed at how well it was healing. The daily routine is to change gauze dressing once and to spray whole area quite a bit with colloidal silver, otherwise keeping it dry. One never uses formula topically on open wound.  I am back to ingesting 4 X per day until it heals over.

April 20  Sorry for the slow updates. The site where I actually write the blog was down all day yesterday.  There is much to talk about so lets get started. The healing of the wound was amazing with all the tissue filled in and the area decreased from the size of a quarter to the size of a dime.  Wednesday, April 20 I went for oncologist visit. Remember, she was gone through this whole "coming out" process. I took all the pictures for her to load on to her computer which she did in her office. After seeing them she walked into the exam room where I was, kind of hunched over with her eyes wide, her mouth hanging open and said, "that was really dramatic".  After that, she almost seemed at a loss for words.  She surprised me with the lab results much earlier than expected. According to the lab, it was not a tumor and there was no malignancy found.  It was dead tissue and severe infection rolled into a mass which was the same size as what was seen on that ultra sound we did.  After asking several questions in an effort to clarify what that means without much in the way of answers, I said "what do we do now?"  She said we could do a needle biopsy and then she sat silently looking at me.  I broke the silence with the suggestion of a catscan to which she enthusiastically agreed.  We decided on three weeks from now so that swelling would have subsided. 

April 21 To my surprise, another eschar (scab) was forming rather quickly over the same area.  I immediately called TF and asked two questions in an effort to understand what was happening.  First, I asked about the person who successfully got rid of staff with the formula.  Since staff infection is not a tumor, I asked in what form it came out, "did it expel in a mass or tumor-like form?"  The answer was yes.  Okay, that helps with part of what could be going on.  Next, I asked about the man who expelled eight tumors through the same hole. Did all the tumors come out without healing over or did it form a new eschar for each tumor and he said it did both.  He suggested there is more of something that needs to come out and that I should use topically and ingest it twice per day which I immediately started.  As an aside, I continued to stop all supplements after the allergic reaction, but did start TF again because the process wasn't finished. Last Tuesday I decided to take my calcium and one multivitamin.  I broke out in hives a little more.  I am only guessing the 220 mg of magnesium in both may have done it.  I am taking nothing now, but TF with no more hives.  That is a problem I will have to solve later. 

To sum it up: The original needle biopsy 19 years ago for malignant tumor and breast cancer along with the present mass and activity lead my doctor to believe the breast cancer was active again and never really went away.  After using TF and expelling tumor-like mass, the lab said it was severe infection and dead tissue...no malignancy The formula is known to get rid of malignant and benign tumors, infections and other problems.  For many years prior to this, I did alternative therapies to rid myself of cancer without having other tests to confirm progress.  The tumor, which could be felt, appeared to go away for short time and then a mass began to form which one doctor said could be scar tissue.  It wasnt' until recently when the area appeared active that I decided to get more agressive with treatment and started TF.  The cat-scan will tell us if there is ANY cancer in my body. My oncologist is not at all familiar with what is going on and I can only guess.  It feels like this second go round with the new scab will go quickly. I am pretty comfortable with less and less soreness each day.  People at my office have been wonderfully supportive and have made this process easier.

May 7, 2011  I can't believe it is May and this process is still not finished.  There is still an eschar (scab) that hasn't fallen out yet, but it doesn't hurt at all anymore, so I don't think much is happening with this one.  I do have an appointment to get blood tests and 3-T MRI on May 27 and then appoint. with oncologist June 1.  After researching the amount of radiation involved in C-scans and Pet Scans, I opted for the MRI.  The new 3-T (Tesla) MRI is the latest and most powerful and we do have a machine in Coeur d'Alene.  I understand it has broken down and they hope to have it fixed by the time my appoint. rolls round.  I ran out of TF yesterday, but still have enough to put a smear topically right on the eschar every 3rd day.  I tried to call for more, but have not had a call back which is very unusual.  I know Rob Roy from TF was going to Japan for a presentation, but I would have thought someone else would be there to take orders.  There are two unexpected side effects that have taken place.  One is less breathing trouble from asthma.  We have stairs at the office that used to get me totally out of breath when climbing, but recently, i climbed them very fast and could still breath easily which was totally unexpected.  Second, I have an auto immune disorder called Lichen Sclerosis which required twice daily topical medication to minimize symptoms.  I am now using medication only about once every week. When this eschar expels, I will take a picture, otherwise the next update will be after June 1 doctor appoint.

May 14  On Monday May 9,the second smaller eschar fell off with nothing special attached.  It just looked like a thick scab.  The breast is no longer tender and the area is almost totally healed over with another very small scab forming.  I am not taking TF any longer.  Next important juncture is the MRI on May 27 and Doctor visit June 1.

May 25  Sorry to say I canceled the MRI.  After reading about the contrast agent that is injected into the body in order to view the breast, I felt I needed more information.  My experience with the magnesium reaction has left me a little gun shy.  The contrast agent they use is called Multihance which has gadolinium in it.  I believe it to be a heavy metal so I started doing research online and discovered that some people can have an allergic reaction, although fairly rare, and it has been the contributor to some deaths as well...once again rare.  I do seem to be "an allergic type person" and the reaction to the magnesium was also rare, but it happened.  The radiologist in Coeur d'Alene suggested some allergic preventative medications and to talk with my doctor about this.  I tried to get hold of my doctor and could not get past the nurses.  I also suggested to the nurse that we might do another Ultra Sound before I cancel the MRI which might show us whether the MRI was necessary.  I almost felt like I was wearing out my welcome as she suggested I go to my family physician about preventative medications for allergic reaction and for the Ultra Sound.  I called my family physician, who never came to the phone, and her nurse told me it was my oncologist who should be handling all this.  This left me feeling like I needed to just sit down with my oncologist before making any other decisions so I cancelled the MRI and I am keeping the appointment with the oncologist on June 1.  Everything with the breast feels good and I am gaining a little more energy so I am not worried, but would like closure since I am being so public about all this.  My next update will be after the doc visit.

June 1  Oncologist feels it is very possible malignancy still present.  There is a thickened area, but the distinctive tumor like area is gone. We are going to do an ultra sound needle biopsy June 16.  She asked me what I would do if test results were positive for cancer and I told her I would do another round of TF formula.  I asked her what she thought about where the infection that was released in the mass might have come from and she could only guess.  She didn't know if it was more recent or old.  She said if the mass had not been preserved, we might have been able to tell more.  Of course it had to be preserved since she was away on vacation and had not made provisions for this event.  The breast area is not tender and there is no soreness.  I don't know what to think about what the thickened area is, but I'm not worried.  Before leaving hospital, I had blood tests again for tumor markers.

June 16  Went into Bonner General Hospital for needle biopsy and refused the blood test because Medicare wouldn't pay and it was to make sure my blood coagulates well.  After experiencing that gaping hole, I think my coagulation is good.  The blood test is required in order to get a needle biopsy so I had to get approval from radiologist to fore-go the blood test.  Glad they approved for I did not want to cause a ruckus.

The biopsy process was very different than it was 19 years ago.  They used to extract fluid with a thin needle and now, they use a larger needle that shoots through the skin with a gun-like instrument to extract tissue.  I called it "core samples" since that term is used in real estate and it looked like minature core samples.  They took 4 different samples.  There was a radiologist with an ultra sound technician guiding him at the same time.  I probably would have jumped off the gurney if they had not numbed the area. The technicians were very attentive and respectful of how I was doing during the process and told me every step before proceeding.  It smarted a little, but nothing too painful.  When finished, i was told to not lift anything with my right arm....not even my purse.  I was ready to start doing things as normal, but once I got home and the numbness wore off, I realized it was more like an operation and it did hurt.  So, I decided to stay home and rest and today, June 17, it is just black and blue, but no pain jsut soreness to the touch. I see the doctor June 29.

June 24 I called the Oncologist office to see if I could get the results of the ultra sound, needle biopsy.  Of course the doctor is still out of town and it took a few calls, but finally heard from the nurse.  She said the biopsy came back positive for breast cancer and from what she read to me, it is the same kind diagnosed 19 years ago and in the same place. I have decided to do another round of TF formula.  I called Rob at TF to discuss these results and get his thoughts.  Rob said this was highly unusual "rare" and thought it may not have been finished when I stopped the formula.  It was trying, twice, to form another scab, but they (scabs) were getting progressively smaller and I figured it was done and I was out of formula so I did stop.  My guess is that TF got rid of the infection first because it was closest to the surface and did have more to go.  I told Rob I was going to Reno to care for my mother while my brother goes on his first REAL vacation....fishing trip to Canada and there is no way I want to jeoparidze his trip.  My mother needs to be lifted from time to time and Rob said it would be okay to do that as long as I don't bruise myself.  I know TF can be very successful...afterall, look at the mass that did release and I've heard so many other success stories.  My situation is unusual in that the cancer is soooo very old.  Sorry folks, I guess this blog is going to get a lot longer.

June 29,2011  I saw the oncologist today and got a copy of the lab report.  the cancer is Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of the breast with strong receptors for estrogen and progesterone.  There are drugs to inhibit the body from making it's own estrogen, but I have chosen not to take them at this time.  I am committed to the TF protocol for now.  She said the tumor is softer than it was when I started in January which is a good thing.  The little lump felt in the beginning is no longer there. We assume that was the infectious material that was expelled.  We decided to do another tumor marker blood test to see if anything shows in the blood stream....which is something I asked for.  I also asked that preparations be made for getting the tumor to the lab if it happens to release when she is away.  She did say she would be gone much of July. I had blood drawn today for the tumor marker test.  I am taking TF four times per day using the same protocol as before.  I'm trying to be more vegetarian as well.  I continue to eat organically.  I am continuing to work and feel fine...even a little more energy.

July 29, 2011  I saw the oncologist last Wednesday, July 27.  She gave me the tumor marker lab reports and shared that the markers were slightly above the high end of normal and hadn't changed much from the beginning.  This was a little confusing since I thought they were zero in the beginning.  Anyway, somehow there was a misunderstanding and it is was it is.  One blood test has a range of 0-40 for a norm and mine was 43.  Another has a norm of 3.4 and mine was 4.9.  It is nothing too worrisome, but we are going to do another tumor marker blood draw at the end of August just before my next visit on august 31.  I did finally think to ask what stage cancer she would put me at and she said 3.  I asked how that is determined and she said it was the size of tumor which is approximately 2 inches.

I learned of another cancer healing formula that is being given away so they can acquire case histories.  It is mostly Sanguinaria or blood root that has been detoxified.  I have a friend who was taking TF formula and she stopped TF in order to take this new one.  She has pretty serious intestinal cancer and I will keep you informed of how she does.  I actually gave it some deep thought and called 4 of his references.  I was hearing that the tumor may not have to come out through the skin and could be less painful.  I thought that might be a better option to experiment with in order to share a formula with all of you that would, possibly, be less painful.  One of his references I talked with was a lady given 3 weeks to live with colon cancer and she has been cancer free now for 2 years.  She, obviously, raved about the formula.  After much contemplation, meditation and every spiritual practice I could come up with, my conclusion was to stay the course and see this through with TF. If for some reason TF doesn't work the second time, I know the other one is there as an option.  Rob at TF agreed that my situation is a bit unusual being 19 years old and then having the first mass release that was only infection and dead tissue.  I needed a lift today and got it through my spiritual practices and friends.  I am so grateful for all the support.  One of those refernces was another Sothebys agent in another state (I'm Sothebys as well) and she is keeping her situation a secret for fear of how she might be treated.  I told her my experience at being open about this has brought me nothing but support.  I love and appreciate you all.

September 10, 2011  I have continued to ingest the formula two weeks on and two days off.  I try my best to take it four times a day, but have found it difficult to manage the third dose from time to time.  On September 1, I started using it topically three days on without getting it wet, then a new topical application on the fourth morning with a repeat.  It immedately started activating with a lot of itching and sensitivity.  My oncologist appointment was Sept.7.  She gave me the results of my most recent tumor marker blood tests which turned out to be stable....little change from the beginning of the year.  This was good news since I was a little concerned about cancer cells increasing after the so very invasive biopsy.   The really good news, though....and unexpected, was the fact the tumor was no longer attached to the chest wall.  I was wondering how this little critter was going to release through the skin when it was hanging on for dear life.  Well, it had to let go of its grip which in my mind means it's moving forward in preparation for release. Yaaaaay!!

I told you I would give you an update on my friend who is using the other stuff (my backup plan).  I talked to her last night and she is doing wonderful.  She heads to her doctor in Seattle next week and we will possibly know more after that.  Remember, she has the very serious intestinal cancer.  All is good and I am still working full time with a little more energy than a month ago.

October 6, 2011   I have continued protocol as mentioned above.  The topical application is working well....creating eschar and giving me pain as the tumor moves forward.  The eschar is only about an inch in diameter while the tumor is about 2 inches.  I asked TF about this and he said it can happen that way with the skin stretching to accomodate the larger size. Any woman who has given childbirth understands this. 

I saw my oncologist yesterday and she appeared to be in a bad mood.  The nature of her business must be difficult.  As realtors we sometimes lose our clients who seem to disappear into the dust while many of hers die.  It's got to affect your mood from time to time.  One of the tumor markers came back the same (36) and the other was elevated slightly.  It went from 5.3 last month to 6.3 this month....norm is 3 to 4.  When trying to drill down on what that meant in my case, she said it wasn't good.  Of course that answer didn't help me and she was not in much of a mood for questions.  I was also told the test was a tool to determine whether to change or continue with the course of conventional treatment...like chemo.  She also said it could be elevated because of the therapy I was doing and she has seen much, much higher...although she refers to me as having an advanced stage of cancer.  When we discussed being ready to send the tumor to a lab, she declared it will probably come back with just infectious material like last time.  This told me she doesn't bellieve this therapy could be working and maybe she thinks the TF formula caused the infection last time.  I guess time will tell as Dad always said to me as I was growing up.  I am off work at this time and resting as much as possible in order to give my body what it needs to do this BIG job. I'm thinking this might only take a couple more weeks at the most....and yes, I will get pictures again.

Oct. 11, 2011  I changed the dressing this morning which gave me the opportunity to take a peek.  It is starting to break away all around the eschar, but in a little different way than last time.  The skin appears to be stretching away from the eschar.  To me, this is a good sign because I couldnt imagine how a 2 inch tumor was going to come out that little hole.  There is also another little eschar forming below the bigger one but still connected to the bigger one.  There are also about 3 or 4 little eruptions in the area. They aren't open sores...just little pink bubbles....almost tike the thing that was on my neck earlier this year that I got rid of with the compound.  Don't know what everything means, but I'm keeping the faith.

Nov 21, 2011  Sorry for being soooo very late doing an update especially since much has happened.  About the third week of October, the eschar which was breaking away started to re-attach and the swelling was going down.  It was like everything was going backwards and it had not come out.  I made the agonizing decision to abandon the TF formula and go to plan B as suggested above.  I called TF and told him of my experience and said that I thought I had given it a very good try and he agreed.  He also said this seemed highly unusual.  I know TF works, but for some reason, it wasn't working for me.  I took the TF formula up until the other formula arrived. 

On October 28 I started what we will call Lee's formula.  The ingredients and protocol are slightly differenmt from TF.  With Lee's I was instructed to take four times per day and it didn't matter how close to food....much easier.  I was also told to put it on topically over the old scab and about 1/2 inch out from old scab twice daily for about 5-6 days.  It immediately started hurting, but that subsided by about the 5th day.  It did form more scab around the old one and then the old one fell off and the new took over.  Even today, there is still a scab that doesn't appear to be going anywhere.  With this formula, it is not expected that the tumor will come out through the skin.  It kills the cancer and then the body absorbs the tunor.  If the immune system is unable to do that, one can choose to have it removed once it is dead.  This formula traditionally takes about four months.

This time, I am  doing PH testing on a regular basis to keep my body akaline.  it is said cancer cannot live in an akaline body.  I did listen to 10 hours of lectures from alternative and integrative cancer specialists from around the world and most all agreed on the PH thing.  Because my blood type is O, it has been suggested I follow the diet for O blood type which does include some meat.  A naturopath visit confirmed with me to not eat protein after the lunch meal which I have been sticking to.  During the lectures,  I heard one doctor discuss a therapy where they administer chemo along with, I believe, insulin.  The idea is that the insulin acts like a trojan horse to make those little cancer cells open their mouths for their favorite food (sugar) and then get zapped by the chemo riding on the back of the insulin.  I suggested to Lee that I take the formula with apple juice to try and achieve this affect and he said no need as there is a sweet herb already in there to create the same trojan horse affect.

I have been going through some pretty disturbing personal stuff making it a challenge to keep myself as centered as possible since stress lowers the immune system.  My immune system is a partner in this process so I need to treat it well.

So, right now I am doing Lee's formula four times daily, paying more attention to what I eat, not just organics, doing infrared saunas every other day and using my frequency machine on cancer and liver detox and trying to stay as centered as possible. 




Judy, why is this an old tumor with so much calcification?   I thought you got rid of the first tumor the same way as this, and that this was a new one.

I am really hurting for you looking at this photo.

Apr 03, 2011 01:43 PM
Judith Ehlert
Tomlinson Sothebys International Realty - Sandpoint, ID

Gail, the "old tumor" went down to almost nothing, but I don't think it really ever went away.  In the introduction, I kind of explained this.  The stuff I used the first time, is not the same as this compound.  They are both escharotics, but very different in composition.

Apr 03, 2011 01:51 PM

I hope and pray that this phase passes quickly, that the tumor is expelled, and you can heal without side effects. 


Apr 03, 2011 02:39 PM


I am so glad to hear from you and have been waiting for news.  Sounds like you've been going through a really tough time.  I hope you feel better tomorrow.

You didn't mention a specific reaction by your oncologist to the actual tumor coming through, but mostly talked about the allergic reaction.  Had she ever seen anything like this before?

Thinking of you tonight.

Apr 08, 2011 04:08 PM
shelley healy


I just ready every word of your post.  You are a strong and inspirational woman.  Kick it's butt! Thinking of you!

Apr 15, 2011 11:11 AM
Judith Ehlert
Tomlinson Sothebys International Realty - Sandpoint, ID

Yes, Shelly, we are kicking butt....this is for all of us.

Apr 15, 2011 11:18 AM
Wow, lots of news today. I bet your oncologist will have a lot to talk about to the other doctors around the water cooler! I hope they find no trace of cancer at all.
Apr 23, 2011 07:30 PM

Oh boy Judy,...here we go again!  I will be with you all the way and wait for your updates.  I hope it will

 easier than the last time.

Jul 02, 2011 05:35 AM

Thank you, Gail, I know you are always there for me.  I think it will be easier because I won't use the magnesium again  A friend is taking TF for advanced intestinal cancer that has spread and she has noticed that she can only take a small amount of Vitamin C without getting the overdose symptoms of loose stools and she can normally take MUCH more.  So, she and I have surmised that somehow the formula is helping us to absorb nutrition and maybe that is why I reacted so strongly to the magnesium.  A lot of learning going on here.

Jul 02, 2011 05:52 AM

YEAH YEAH YEAH!  For staying positive and continuing your forward progress, thank-you Judith.  Your sharing of this cancer treatment journey is enriching to all of us "out here" as we continue to lift you up in prayer!  Press on!



Jul 29, 2011 06:33 PM
Anna Berntson

Hello Judith,
I know this might be a shot in the dark if you are still blogging. I was wondering how you are doing. Are you still working with Two Feathers or Lee's formula? Can I ask you some questions of line?
Hope these questions find you well.
God Bless

Jun 19, 2016 01:36 AM
April C Phillips

hi. I'm a stage 4 breast cancer patient and I have been using the TF black Salve for about 210 plus days and I'm curious about this Lee's formula you speak of. I have had a completely different experience with the TF formula and I do get very sick. I wanted to see about getting information on this other Lee's formula option. thank you so much and I'm curious as to how I can locate your pictures. I am uploading videos on my YouTube page recording my journey and progress. thank you,April.

Feb 08, 2018 12:26 PM

She died 2012.

Dec 03, 2018 02:50 AM
Judith Ehlert

Dec 3, 2018 alive and well.

Dec 03, 2018 08:19 AM
Judith Ehlert

April, after all these years one of my biggest lessons in dealing with cancer is how very important diet is. There are two websites I would recommend for educating yourself and that would be Cancer Tutor and The Truth About Cancer. In May of 2019 I will have lived with this cancer for 27 years. I wish you the very best.

Dec 03, 2018 08:59 AM


Dec 03, 2018 11:19 PM
Glenice Hancock

If you follow the link above www.dignitymemorial.com.......-5287112 The last comment on Dec 3, 2018 could not have been by Judith Ehlert. By the link of dignitymemorial Judith Ehlert passed away Oct 7, 2012. Judith Ehlert Feb11, 1953- Oct 7, 2012.

Dec 15, 2018 02:18 AM
Judith Ehlert

Wrong Judith. I was born June 7th 1942 and haven't died yet.

Dec 15, 2018 07:29 PM
Judith Ehlert

Glennis, I'm not sure why you're insisting that I'm the only Judith Ehlert in the nation and must be dead. Do your research. Go to the Tomlinson Sotheby's website in Sandpoint Idaho and you will see me as an active real estate agent. They don't keep dead agents on their website. Have a Merry Christmas.

Dec 15, 2018 07:36 PM

The fda and the corrupted agencies want to push their agenda, fabricate their lies and want to tell this forum readers that you are dead. They know that people are dying from chemo and radiation. Diet is very important in any healing. Without proper diet, NOTHING will work.

Dec 19, 2019 09:52 PM