How do you shower?

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Perhaps your showering habits depend on where you live.

In New Mexico, living where there is little water, taking a shower and doing the dishes can take on a different meaning and perhaps not happen quite as often. 

Shortly after I moved here there was an article in the paper written by a high school student who had moved here from the Midwest.  She was writing about learning to conserve water and how important it is.  Her references included dish washing and brushing her teeth.  She spoke to the need to turn the water off while brushing her teeth rather than let it run.

My friend Jason keeps a bucket in the shower so when they shower the excess water can be carried out to water the trees.

When we replaced our appliances we got the low-water type.  Our clothes still get clean.

(Don't tell anyone) but I don't shower every day.  This came about after my move from Michigan and learning about water conservation.  Obviously there are some professions and perhaps some body-characteristics that make showering everyday important.  For many, it is really not necessary.

In our casita, the guest house, we have a sign telling our guests about the challenges of New Mexico relative to water, hoping they will help us conserve.

But right now?  I am going to take a shower.

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