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I saw an interesting site today. I was follow behind a car traveling extremely fast going into the city this morning. She was probably at least 15-20 mph over the posted speed limit. In the distance I saw a school bus that was slowing down. Now the first thing you think of when you see a school bus slow down or stop is "When will those flashing RED lights come on"...right...well...not this lady! She didn't slow a bit. Then  I saw out of the corner of my eye also in the distance a child running to catch the bus. The flashing RED lights were on at this time as he ran right out in front of the car about 200 feet in front of me. The lady Slammed the brakes on and narrowly missed the child. Did this slow her down now you might ask? Yes for about another 200 yards and then back on the gas pedal...It was really interesting when she pulled over up the road to make a turn and then stopped.

Guess where she ended up stopping??? A day care center....yes that's right...her kids were more important this morning than someone else's running to catch a bus....Wow.....

 School's in folks....Lets be on the look out and stop for FLASHING RED lights!





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