Why Vote?: Fort Bend ISD Bond Package

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Why in the world would we want to vote to raise our taxes??????

If for no other reason, think of the value of your home in comparison. 

I know, you love Pecan Grove, you are never going to move, you like low taxes. ...But, you'll have better looking homes and more owner occupied homes as neighbors which tends to make your home a nicer place to live.

I'm no economist, but as a Realtor, it is clear to me that neighborhoods with highly sought after schools attract neighbors of quality and more of them.  Supply and Demand gives you more buyers seeking the same properties, boosting the home values. 

As this lovely neighborhood ages, the homes need to focus more attention and money to fight aging and deterioration.  Homeowners fear spending upkeep money unless they feel fairly certain that they will realize a return on their investment at sale time.  So, they're more likely to replace the rotting boards, keep the paint fresh, refinish the front door and prune the landscaping to protect or even boost their home's value.  Low rated schools create  low demand for homes, raggedy homes can't sell and are bought by investors for renters who historically and statistically do not take care of their homes. This can create a vicious cycle that affects overall home values and neighborliness. 

Pecan Grove is a Family Oriented neighborhood.  We love and support our schools with record breaking Volunteer Hours and Fundraisers to support our special PTA sponsored enrichment programs.  We are very happy that we FINALLY have schools close enough to home that we feel secure in the fact that we will not be moved again. I see a tremendous amount of School Spirit at Travis High School and Crockett Middle which are both results of the last Bond election. I am happy to  tell you, it is a joy to pay $15 more per month (the average increase per home according to http://www.fortbendisd.com/ ) to have schools close enough to drop off forgotten gym shorts in a 7 minute round trip. 

Fort Bend ISD is growing, just look around at the subdivisions springing up between the cows.  We need to keep pace with the families moving to our district seeking top notch facilities and programs.  For one, we desperately need another   Natatorium Practice Pool !!!   What is that????  It's a POOL for the High School swim teams to practice.

Case in point:  I know football players work hard and long, I have one of those, I know the Band works even harder and longer, I had one of those, too, but do you know what a Varsity Swimmer goes through?????

My daughter swam for Austin High School for 4 years.  Varsity for 3 years.....so where do they swim and dive practice?  At the ONLY Pool in Ft. Bend ISD.  the Cook Natatorium behind First Colony Mister Car Wash off Lexington. .....AT 5:20 AM!!!!!!  We share that pool with 9 other High School teams.  It looks like the Hwy 59 at 7:30 am traffic jams.    These swimmers get up at 430am to pack their lunch, slam breakfast, pack suitable clothes for school and carpool to the pool for 20 minutes at 5 a.m. to swim for 2 hours BEFORE school. 

What do you think that does to the teenage mind by 1pm sitting in a classroom? And, it really makes a difference on the day of a swim meet.  They've been up since 430am and swim competitions until 9pm some nights.  It's downright cruel.  But, look at the kids, they're INCREDIBLE in my books.  That schedule sure keeps them out of trouble. But, they're competing against Katy ISD, Houston Schools, and The Woodlands with Pools INSIDE their own schools.  They just walk out of class at 2pm, down the hall and fall in the pool for a leisurely swim before heading home at a decent hour.

I'm not asking for that level at this point, but good grief.  GIVE them ONE MORE POOL!!! I also think we need another District Football Complex!!!

I know this is one small group's gripes.....but I also know that Travis High School has the most incredible technology and I would like Austin High and others to also enjoy some of the latest tech stuff.  I have sons at Both Schools these two years of the split.  I didn't welcome the change, but they have each flourished in their situation.  They are both GREAT schools.

So, Back to the Taxes......Pecan  Grove is extremely lucky to have enjoyed a well managed MUD over the last five years.  We have seen taxes reduced several times.  We also have fabulously low taxes for Ft. Bend County, We can afford a small tax increase that really only puts us in line with other fast growing districts. (See www.fortbendisd.com)  For More about the Nov. 6 Election Issues.  Please vote FOR our schools!!!! But, most of all, VOTE!!!!  See you at the Polls!

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