Self Direction with an IRA or 401K is a very smart option!

Real Estate Agent with WEST USA Realty

In these days of one percent interest on our brokerage held IRA or 401K accounts we stand to be clobbered by inflation at any time.  We have been using these same funds to take advantage of the soft market by scooping up Arizona Land opportunities at pennies on the dollar.  Historically, every recession has recovered to "better than before" status here in Arizona, which lends credence to the potential for an excellent return on investment.  Others are using their retirement plans to purchase rental homes where an income is produced back into the plan.  No qualifying financing is even available for purchases over $100K with 50% down which can greatly increase profitability.  Of course, you must enlist the services of the appropriate account administrator to insure your accounts remain qualified with Uncle Sam.

The choice is ours, we can sit on 1% or worse - or demonstrate our believe in the future of our markets while investing where substantial returns are more than just a potential.  Myself, I'm putting much of my money where my mouth is by picking up Arizona Land opportunities.  They are plentiful today and our historical markets demonstrate great promise.  I also refuse to be the one left standing in the rain mumbling about "I remember when I could have bought that property for only this much . . ." when the market begins to flourish as we all know it will again.

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