Feeding Donuts To A Cash Cow

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Recessions happen.  2011 is more than that.  America is faced not only with millions feeling anything from a pinch to a punch, but a subsequent cultural shift. 

How many times have you heard, "Oh, we used to ______(insert fun here)_________, but with the economy the way it is_____(insert feeling of loss and sadness)__________. 


2004 - "The Good Old Days"

2011 - "With the Economy The Way It Is.."

Impulse Buy

Waiting for the Groupon

Stated Income Loans

No Loans

Automatic Credit Limit Increase

Automatic Credit Card Cancellation

Excitement when your phone rings.

Fear when your phone rings.

Impromptu Trips to Vegas

Impromptu Call to Family for Loans

Dinner and a Movie Night

Cancelling Cable and Cell Phones

No monitoring of inflow/outflow


 There are three things going on here, right? 

  1. Things have happened in your life financially and you haven't dealt with them. 
  2. You are experiencing the results of this in your attitude and emotions.
  3. Your situation plus your attitude is creating fear and lack. 

Will we ever return to 2004's attitude about money?  If we learn anything in 2011 we will not.  America is sporting a new attractive attitude; one of appreciation for what we have, realizing we don't need all that stuff to be happy, and living a simpler life of connection with what is within us and around us.  

This is where we are going.  And, if you have not detox'd your 2004 life, this is precisely what I invite you to do.

 Get a Handle On Your Home First

 Why?  Because it's the biggest payment and if there are not enough donuts to go around you have to decide.  If your last refi or home purchase can be chalked up to "bad timing" you may be feeding donuts to a cash cow.  There are over 1.1 million homes in San Diego County and over 360,000 are in a negative equity situation.  If you think you are upside down and you can't refinance, looking at the current worth and the future of your house is a critical part to joining the rest of us here in 2011.

 Request an Online Home Evaluation. 

This is what you get: 

  • An accurate analysis of your home's current worth (not an automated Zestimate, a real one), 
  • Look at the next 10 years (If we stay and do nothing, or if we modify, or if we sell and repurchase after 2 years with a plan and credit improvement) It's all in color and right in front of you so you can make the best decision for you and your family with no pressure.

 Cows don't eat donuts...I checked.....Please accept my invitation!


Request An Online Home Evaluation

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Steve Simer
Moving to Bossier City Call(318)218-2824

Great post! I dont know about cows eating donuts, but is sure enjoy them!

Mar 10, 2011 05:01 AM