A new Bill To be Proposed to Prevent Real Estate Fraud

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I have been around for 59 years and I have been through many generations. My father was a Real Estate Broker and the laws and ethics were again so different. Respect for God, Teacher, law and authority was not taken lightly. Our respect for our Flag and Country was not taken for granted. What has happened to this Country? As I get older it seems that there are excuses for everyone's behavior. The consequences are that a slap on the hand or poor Johnny had a bad life is why that person was excused for a malicious act Well I can see the down fall of what is happening every day  when I pick up the newspaper or turn on the Television.

I have achieved many goals in my life and I have always felt that when I took an oath and became a servant of the public that I would follow the law. Articles written in the paper reminding me that there are others out there who use the law for their benefit.  Thense causeing harm to others and the rest of us pay the price.

The State Senate appropriations Committee passed AB 886 in September, a bill that will strength notary law and fight real estate fraud Essentially this makes it easier to invetigate unethical and criminal notaries. In these type of cases, notaries aid and abet fraud by loaning their journal to a non-notary, by notarizing documents without all of the parties present or by failing to properly secure their journal and stamp.


The legislation proposes to make the following changes to California law.

This law will require all parties involved to present valid identification

Require that a notary sign and stamp a signature of acknowledgement under penalty of perjury

Extend the statue of limitations for notary-specific crimes from one to four years

Remove restrictions that prevent peace officers from investigating notaries public and seizing vital evidence

Prohibit a notary from using a commercial mail receiving agency or PO Box as his or her place of business because such address make it difficult for investigators to find them

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Jason Schweiger
Network Funding LP - Auburn, WA
Loan Originator / Branch Manager NFLP

That will help, but with all the bad people, it will never stop all fraud. Good post!

Sep 27, 2007 04:05 AM
Mario Villagran
U.S. Spaces - Burbank, CA
MBA, Realtor
Great information.  It's a sad time when we have to keep on introducing legislation to make people act ethically and responsibly.
Sep 27, 2007 06:02 AM