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Weekly SentriLock Tip: Privacy Mode

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What is Privacy Mode

Privacy mode allows homeowners and family members access to the key compartment of a lockbox while at the same time blocking access to SentriCards®, contractor codes and 1 day codes. When the homeowner enables privacy mode, the lockbox will open the key compartment. This allows access to the key while enabling privacy mode. This is beneficial in situations where a parent or guardian isn't home when a child returns from school. The child can access the key while at the same time blocking access to Agents, contractors and 1 day code users. When an Agent, contractor or 1 day code user tries to access the key compartment of a lockbox in privacy mode, the lockbox will display the DND light.

How to use Privacy Mode

Before a homeowner or family member can use privacy mode, the lockbox owner must set up privacy mode. Before you can set up privacy mode, the homeowner or lockbox owner must select a 4 - 7 digit privacy code. This code should not be the listing's address! Once you have a code, the lockbox owner can insert their SentriCard into the lockbox and enter their PIN. When the lockbox displays the READY light, enter FUNC + 5 + 1 + Privacy Code + ENT to set up privacy mode. After the lockbox owner sets up privacy mode, the homeowner can use the following instructions to enable privacy mode on the lockbox.

  1. On the lockbox's keypad press and hold the ENT key. This will "wake up" the lockbox.
  2. When the lockbox lights up the keypad, enter the following commands: FUNC + 5 + 1 + Privacy Code + ENT.
  3. The lockbox will open the key compartment and enter privacy mode.

To turn off privacy mode, press the ENT key to wake up the lockbox. Once the keypad lights up, enter FUNC + 5 + 0 + Privacy Code + ENT. The lockbox owner can use their SentriCard and FUNC + 5 + 0 + ENT to turn off privacy mode.

  • Note: when you release the shackle from the lockbox, it will no longer allow privacy mode. If you would like the lockbox to allow privacy mode after you release the shackle, check the Do Not Clear Contractor Mode on Shackle Release check box on the Agent Default Lockbox Settings window.
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