Real Estate Investor Meeting near Philadelphia

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Real Estate Investor Meeting near Philadelphia


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Are you a seasoned real estate investor looking for new partnerships or ideas? Are you just starting out and itching to find out more?  Or perhaps you are a landlord looking for education on how to better maintain your rentals and grow?  

If so, you'll want to attend the next Real Estate Investor Meeting with DIG!


DIG stands for Diversified Real Estate Investors Group and they are a non-profit education group that meets regularly for networking amongst real estate professionals!  The big, general Real Estate Investor meetings are the last Thursday of every month.

The speaker this month, 3/31/11, is Marc Halpern on "Self Image Tune-Up."  He'll be presenting on a simple & practical approach to overcome psychological barriers to buying your first/next profitable investment.  He starts speaking at 8pm.



I attend almost every meeting, not only because I'm a Home Inspector for real estate investors, but alsodavid on roof because I've been a real estate investor since 1997.  


I joined DIG in 1999 and am still a member.  I meet new people every month and there is no other group like this around.


How the Real Estate Investor Meetings are setup:

For DIG members only, from 5:45 PM – 6:30 PM  there is the choice of 2 events.  

1) "DIG Toolkit" - an intense advanced discussion of the last meetings topic and it's usually let by the speaker from the last meeting. Come with your questions and get answers directly from the source.

2)  Real Estate Authors Discussion (READ) for Profit Program.  This discussion is led by local real estate experts/authors and members have the opportunity to purchase the author’s book for $25 at DIG meetings. You read the book and come for a discussion with the author about the book and its topic. Dates for each session are given in advance and noted in the newsletter. 


getting started roundgroup


The General Meeting starts at 6:30 and is open to members and guests.  During the 1st part of the meeting, they have "Roundgroup Discussions" on various topics like Real Estate Law, Getting Started, Section 8 Landlording, Shore Properties, etc.  



Then, you can hear the quarterly Market Update by Kathy Gilmore.  This market briefing is to help keepkathy gilmore investors informed of the state of the market. Kathy will share statistics on current sales, average sale prices, days on market, available inventory, what areas are hot, and what’s not!  Learn what’s going on in YOUR market!


The last event before the speaker comes on is BUY-SELL-TRADE.  Here, DIG members bring deals to the meeting and have them presented in front of the entire DIG membership! Visit the Buy-Sell-Trade page for more information.


Don't miss out any longer!  Join DIG online now at  The meetings are located at the Holiday Inn in Ft Washington, PA.  See the map below.

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david the home inspectorDavid Artigliere, owner of ARTI Home Inspections LLC, is a home inspector in Pottstown, Reading, Norristown, Royersford and surrounding areas. 

He is available 7 days a week and can be reached at 610-220-1907.

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