What's working in the staging market and at home?

Home Stager with Whimsy & Design

There are a couple of things moving and warming up property out there. 

One staging and decorating strategy is a good mix of style. By that I mean taking the base architecture of the home (modern, traditional, contemporary, etc) and adding a little spice and diversity to the furnishings; we are not bound by the building. 

A modern house can handle some traditional, midcentury or even antique pieces put into the mix.  This is especially effective in staging where it is imperative to throw the net across as many fish as possible. Going too extreme will scare some potential buyers off. 

The other area showing appeal and success is "green" or "reuse".  Now, it seems we all have our own definition and degrees of green, but that is ok.  At it's core, "green" is an effort to be conscious of what we are doing to our surroundings and limiting consumption. 
In decor, it means using products that are healthy, eco friendly such as low emission paints, solar energy panels recycled woods. It can also be reusing or redefining use of furnishings (I love this).

It's easier than you think. It just takes lifting the boundaries on what an object's use might be....use a basket as a side table base, make a table from an old fence. 

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