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Jeff W
Any word on 360agent?  I've treid to get a demo twice now to now avail.  Left lots of voicemails at their many voicemail boxes, never getting a live person.  Are they out of business?
Jul 13, 2007 04:06 AM
Phuong Ha
Directors Mortgage - Oregon City, OR
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360 Agent was started by those guys from eFrogg.  Then they stole a bunch of other top guys from other companies and started this 360agent.

But, truthfully, it looks bad from the get go.  The software was trying to be the best of all the other Contact Management softwares like TP 7i and AgentOffice and others and in doing so, never got an idenity of its own.

It struggled with lots of bugs which was being created and tried on active accounts which made for slow and cumbersome usage.  I called them out on many issues and never back on anything.  I decided to drop the 30 period and that was even hard. 

The guy that signed me up sent a pretty crazy very very bad email that no one should have read, and it got sent out anyways.  The guy said it was a friend but it seemed like a hard night of drinking then being already mad at the complaints from customers, he rattled off not so nice things about many subjects on clients, boss, and sexual things.  No very professional either way.

Anyways, I have tried all of them and truthfully, Outlook will be my main one now due to the fact that I do not want to dish out 50.00 monthly plus extras for Top Producer, or any other.

Let me know if you tried or find something new.



Jul 13, 2007 04:42 AM