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I now offer a new report on the efforts Hawaii is making toward energy independence.  Request a free copy on my web site.  Along with this, I've rededicated myself to helping others keep our island paradise clean and green, so will be highlighting green issues as well.

The February issue of Honolulu Magazine includes a special section on the New Hawaii Home, a very exciting project under construction in Kaimuki.  This is the combined effort of more than 70 professionals in all the building, supply, and design trades, to create a home which - if managed wisely and well - will run off the electric grid and provide a model to the state and country of sustainable living.  Visit the blog of BIAHawaii (Building Industry Assn of Hawaii) for more information, or read my report on the Greening of Oahu.

Here are some conservation tips included in the recent issue of the magazine, which can apply to any area in the country, but specifically to Hawaii living.

1. Save Energy
Open windows and use our trade winds
Replace old light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)
Use cold water whenever possible for your clothes wash
Line dry your clothes
Get a solar hot water heater
Upgrade to EnergyStar appliances
Set your refrigerator temperature to 37-40 degrees and your freezer at zero - Refrigerators use the most electricity after air conditioning and water heating

2. Retrofits that will pay for themselves
Use EnergyStar fans and not the AC
Replace your 10-year or older refrigerator
Install a solar hot water heater (this should be a given in Hawaii)
Switch to CFLs (see above)
Take shorter showers

3. Conserve water
Repair leaky faucets
Use low-flow water fixtures
Water your plants in the morning
Use a flow-restriction nozzle on the hose
Consider a water catchment system
Landscape with local low-maintenance, low-water plants
Buy products with the Water Sense label of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

4. Clean Green
Purchase cleaning products that are Green Seal Certified
Change your air filters regularly (just like your car)

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Many thanks to Honolulu Magazine for their excellent information.  Let's all work together to make and keep Hawaii Green.  

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Michael Kitsch
Coldwell Banker - Katy, TX

Our thought are with you.  Glad all worked out.  Stay safe and thanks for the post!

Mar 12, 2011 12:43 PM