Strange Laws D through K states

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Here is part two of the strange laws




• Delaware prohibits horse racing of any kind on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
• In Delaware it is illegal to get married on a dare. (Probably not a great idea anyway.)
• In Delaware you may not sell dead people for money without a license. (Is there a waiting period.)
• It is illegal to fly over any body of water, unless one is carrying sufficient supplies of food and drink.
• Lewes: It is illegal to wear pants that are "firm fitting" around the waist;


• A D.C. federal judge has ruled that begging is a form of free speech protected by the Constitution. That means that mugging is free speech too, only more persuasive. (For the bigger hammer type.)
• In Washington D.C. it is illegal to post a notice in public which calls another person a 'coward' for refusing to accept a challenge to duel.
• It is unlawful for small boys to throw stones, at any time, at any place in the District of Columbia.
• The U.S. government says it's a crime to give false weather reports. (So does that mean there isn't a weather channel?)


• (SARASOTA) It is illegal to sing in a public place while attired in a swimsuit.
• A special law prohibits unmarried women from parachuting on Sunday or she shall risk arrest, fine, and/or jailing.
• Big Pine Key: It is illegal to molest a Key deer; If caught one will be fined or will have to go to jail.
• Cape Coral: It is against the city ordinance to hang your clothes outside on a clothesline;
• Daytona Beach: The molestation of trash cans is banned; While intoxicated, being under influence of narcotics is prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to swim or bathe in that portion of the Atlantic Ocean within the corporate limits of the city when under the influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotic drugs to the extent that his or her normal faculties are impaired; (So if you are drunk enough to drown make sure you are out of the city limits.)
• Florida deals with its prostitution problem by giving prostitutes spending money, a five-year banishment, and a bus ticket out of town.
• Florida law forbids rats to leave the ships docked in Tampa Bay. (ok who is on rat patrol tonight?)
• Florida prohibits topless walking or running within a 150 foot zone between the beach and the street.
• Having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal. (OKKKKKKKKKK)
• If an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, the parking fee has to be paid just as it would for a vehicle. (well they could have charged an oversize fee, so be glad.)
• In Florida failure to tell your neighbor his house is on fire is illegal. (But the game is on, can't I wait for the commercial.)
• In Florida it is illegal to fish while driving across a bridge. (Does that really help you cast farther?)
• In Florida, men may not be seen publicly in any kind of strapless gown. (Formal full lengths only guys.)
• It is considered an offense to shower naked. (What does one where in the shower these days?)
• It is illegal to fart in a public place after 6:00pm on a Thursday.
• It is illegal to skateboard without a license.
• It's against a Key West, Fla., ordinance to spit on a church floor. (Didn't your mama teach you anything?)
• Key West: Chickens are considered a 'protected species'.
• Men may not be seen publicly in any kind of strapless gown.
• Miami: No person shall operate a bicycle unless it is equipped with a bell or device capable of giving a signal audible for a distance of at least 100 feet, but no bicycle shall be equipped with, nor shall any person use upon a bicycle, any siren or whistle. (I love catch 22s)
• Pensacola: A women can be fined (only after death), for being electrocuted in a bath-tub because of using self-beautification utensils. (when it matters most)
• Pinecrest: In order to operate a burglar alarm, a permit must be obtained.
• Sarasota: If you hit a pedestrian you are fined $78.00; (ah the price of human life.)
• Tampa Bay: It is illegal to eat cottage cheese on Sunday after 6:00 P.M.
• Under a 1959 ordinance, stubborn children were considered vagrants in Jupiter Inlet Colony, Fla..
• Women can be fined for falling asleep under a hair dryer. The salon owner can also be fined for this horrible crime.
• You are not allowed to break more than three dishes per day, or chip the edges of more than four cups and/or saucers. (You mean my husband can't ever wash the dishes?)


• Acworth: All citizens must own a rake. (check)
• An old law in Columbus, Ga., made it illegal to sit on your porch in an indecent position.
• A Kennesaw, Ga. law makes it illegal for every homeowner not to own a gun, unless you are a convicted felon, conscientious objector or disabled.
• Against the law to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or street lamp. (ok good to know.)
• Columbus: Can't cut off a chicken's head on Sunday; It is illegal to carry a chicken by it's feet down Broadway on Sunday. (What about main street.)
• Donkeys may not be kept in bathtubs.
• Gainesville: Chicken must be eaten with the hands. (put that fork away.)
• Georgia has 75 laws on how to build rice paddies, even though the state has only one rice farm left.
• It is illegal in Georgia to use profanity in the presence of a corpse. (They might be offended)
• In Quitman, It is illegal for a chicken to cross the road. (Now how does the chicken get to the other side?)
• It is illegal to change the clothes on a storefront mannequin unless the shades are down. ( Lets keep it chaste)
• It is illegal to say "Oh, Boy" in Jonesboro. (Oh boy!)
• It is illegal to take a bath of orange peel. (What is all this about oranges and bath tubs anyway.)
• Marietta: Though it is illegal to spit from a car or bus, citizens may spit from a truck. (and the difference is???)
• Members of the state assembly cannot be ticketed for speeding while the state assembly is in session.
• No one may carry an ice cream cone in their back pocket if it is Sunday. (again with the ice cream?)
• Signs are required to be written in English. (Good to have in an English speaking state.)
• St. Mary's: No spitting on the sidewalk is permitted after dark. (go get in the truck!)
• You have the right to commit simple battery if provoked by "fighting" words.


• All residents may be fined as a result of not owning a boat. (But honey I have to buy a boat.)
• Coins are not allowed to be placed in one's ears. (Proposed by a coin purse maker?)
• Honolulu: Within the limits of any public park, it is unlawful to annoy any bird.
• In Hawaii it is illegal to get a tattoo behind your ear or on your eyelid unless in the presence of a registered physician.
• It used to be the law in Hawaii that children had to obey all "lawful and moral" commands of their parents.
• It's illegal for a shooting gallery to offer liquor as a prize. The shooter might want to come back after drinking the prize and try again.


• "Dwarf-tossing," the strange practice of hurling dwarfs in padded suits, is outlawed in the bars of Springfield, Ill., because it's dangerous and exploitative. The practice is apparently allowed elsewhere in town, with a special permit.
• A law from the early 1900's prohibits men from going topless on the Boardwalk. (Repealed)
• A state law in Illinois mandates that all bachelors should be called master, not mister, when addressed by their female counterparts. (Oh I bet that really flies)
• According to state law, it is illegal to speak English. The officially recognized language is "American".
• Champaign: One may not pee in his neighbor's mouth. (I should hope not)
• Chicago: Law forbids eating in a place that is on fire; (I am not leaving until my Steak is well done.)
• Cicero: Humming on public streets is prohibited on Sundays.
• Crete: Cars may not be driven through the town.
• Des Plaines: Wheelbarrows with For-Sale signs may not be chained to trees. (Sounds important enough to make a law for.)
• Eureka: A man with a moustache may not kiss a woman.
• Evanston: Bowling is forbidden; It is illegal to go trick-or-treating on Halloween; It is unlawful to change clothes in an automobile with the curtains drawn, except in case of fire. (its ok honey the place is on fire so go ahead and change your clothes
• Freeport: It is illegal to expectorate from any second-story window. (But third story is ok?)
• Galesburg: There is a $1,000 dollar fine for beating rats with baseball bats. (Sounds like overkill)
• Homer: It is against the law to use a slingshot unless your are a law enforcement officer.
• If the Rushville, Ill., city council doesn't have a quorum, those sent can have the cops go out and arrest absent members and bring them to the meeting. (can't call in sick to this one)
• In Illinois it is illegal for barbers to use their fingers to apply shaving cream to a customer's face. (What do they use?)
• In Illinois, it is illegal for anyone to give lighted cigars to dogs, cats, and other domesticated animal kept as pets. (can they light it themselves?)
• In Chicago it is also illegal to take a French poodle to the opera, and for women over 200 pounds (90 kilos) to ride horses in shorts.
• In Chicago, Illinois, it is illegal to fish in pajamas.
• In Chicago, people who are diseased, maimed, mutilated, or "otherwise an unsightly or disgusting object" are banned from going out in public.
• In Oblong, Illinois, it's punishable by law to make love while hunting or fishing on your wedding day.
• It is against the law for a monster to enter the corporate limits of Urbana, Illinois. (See there are no monsters under the bed.)
• It is illegal to give a dog whiskey. (What about vodka?)
• It is legal to protest naked in front of city hall as long as you are under seventeen years of age and have legal permits.
• Kenilworth: A rooster must step back three hundred feet from any residence if he wishes to crow; Hens that wish to cackle must step two hundred feet back from any residence. (I will be sure to make that clear to them.)
• Kirkland: Bees are not allowed to fly over the village or through any of Kirkland's streets. (How exactly to they enforce that?)
• Moline: Ice skating at the Riverside pond during the months of June and August is prohibited; (And how much ice is on the pond in August.)
• Normal: It is against the law to make faces at dogs. (But he started it)
• Peoria: Basketball hoops may not be installed on a driveway.
• Pullman: It is illegal to drink beer out of a bucket while sitting on the curb;
• The people in Manteno, Ill., do not want used facial tissue, period. Hence, you cannot "throw, drop or place" a used hankie "upon any public way or public place or upon the floor of any convenience or upon the floor of any theater, hall or assembly or public building or upon the surface or any lot or parcel of ground or on the roof on any building or in any light or air shaft, court or areaway." (I think they call that littering but ok.)
• You may be arrested for vagrancy if you do not have at least one dollar bill on your person. (do debit cards count?)
• You may be convicted of a Class 4 felony offense, punishable by up to three years in state prison, for the crime of "eavesdropping" on your own conversation. -720 ILCS 5/14-2. (Huh?)
• You must contact the police before entering the city in an automobile. (I will get right on that)


• "Spiteful Gossip" and "talking behind a person's back" are illegal. (Might not be a bad one to have)
• A man over the age of 18 may be arrested for statutory rape if the passenger in his car is not wearing her socks and shoes, and is under the age of 17. (They wouldn't have wanted to take my kids anywhere, they always took off their shoes)
• A person who dyes, stains, or otherwise alters the natural coloring of a bird or rabbit commits a Class B misdemeanor. (Ind. Code 15-2.1-21-13(b) (But your teenager can have blue hair)
• A three dollar fine per pack will be imposed on anyone playing cards in Indiana under the Act for the Prevention of Gaming.
• All males 18 to 50 years old must work six days a year on public roads.
• Anyone 14 or older who profanely curses, damns or swears by the name of God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost, shall be fined one to three dollars for each offense, with a maximum fine of ten dollars per day.
• Back in 1924, a monkey was convicted in South Bend of the crime of smoking a cigarette and sentenced to pay a 25 dollar fine and the trial costs.
• Bathing is prohibited during the winter. (Only visit family in the summertime folks.)
• Beech Grove: It is forbidden to eat watermelon in the park.
• Check forgery can be punished with public flogging up to 100 stripes.
• Citizens are not allowed to attend a cinema or theatre nor ride in a public streetcar within at least four hours after eating garlic.
• Drinking from your own bottle in a bar can lead to your arrest. (No BYOB)
• Drinks on the house are illegal.
• Elkhart: It is illegal for barbers to threaten to cut off kid's ears. (How else do they get them to sit still?)
• Evansville: While driving on Main Street you may not have your lights on. (Could get ugly after dark)
• Grocery stores may not sell any type of cold liquor.
• Hotel sheets must be exactly 99 inches long and 81 inches wide.
• If any person has a puppet show, wire dancing or tumbling act in the state of Indiana and receives money for it, they will be fined $3 under the Act to Prevent Certain Immoral Practices.
• In Indiana it is illegal to sell laughing gas with the intent to induce laughter.
• It is against the law to pass a horse on the street.
• Men are prohibited from standing in a bar.
• No one may catch a fish with his bare hands. (Well theres a knack to it.)
• One man may not back into a parking spot because it prevents police officers from seeing the license plate.
• Pedestrians crossing the highway at night are prohibited from wearing tail lights.
• Smoking in the state legislature building is banned, except when the legislature is in session. (He who makes the rules...)
• The value of Pi is 4, and not 3.1415.
• You are not allowed to carry a cocktail from the bar to a table; the waiter or waitress has to do it.
• You are required to pour your drink into a glass.
• You can get out of paying for a dependent's medical care by praying for him/her.


• A man with a moustache may never kiss a woman in public.
• An owner or employee of an establishment in Iowa that sells alcohol can't legally consume a drink there after closing for business.
• Don't plan on running a "tab" in Iowa; it's illegal.
• Horses are forbidden to eat fire hydrants in Marshalltown, Iowa. (It wasn't on his list of favorites anyway.)
• If a law enforcement officer is having a drink in a bar in Iowa and an employee pours water down the drain, the water is legally considered an alcohol beverage intended for unlawful purposes.
• In Dubuque any hotel in the city limits must have a water bucket and a hitching post in front of the building.
• In Fort Madison the fire department is required to practice fire fighting for fifteen minutes before attending a fire. (The place will be burned down by then.)
• In Ottumwa, Iowa, "It is unlawful for any male person, within the corporate limits of the (city), to wink at any female person with whom he is unaquainted."
• Indianola: The "Ice Cream Man" and his truck are banned.
• It is a violation of the law to sell or distribute drugs or narcotics without having first obtained the appropriate Iowa drug tax stamp.
• It is illegal to hunt from an aircraft.
• It is illegal to accept a gratuity or tip in Iowa.
• Kisses may last for as much as, but no more than, five minutes. (Do you have your stop watch?)
• One-armed piano players must perform for free.



• Dodge City: It is illegal to spit on a sidewalk. All places of business must provide a horse water troft
• If two trains meet on the same track, neither shall proceed until the other has passed.
• In Kansas City, KS, saying the name "George Washington" without adding the phrase "blessed be his name," can land you with a fine of up to fifty cents.
• In Natoma, Kansas, it's illegal to throw knives at men wearing striped suites.
• In Topeka, Kansas, servers are forbidden to serve wine in teacups.
• In Wichita, at the intersection of Douglas and Broadway, all motorists are required to stop at the intersection, exit their vehicles, and fire three shotgun rounds, before continuing on their way.
• It is illegal to catch bullfrogs in a tomato patch.
• It is illegal to hunt whales.
• It is illegal to put ice cream on cherry pie in Kansas.
• Kansas state law requires pedestrians crossing the highways at night to wear tail lights.
• Lawrence: All cars entering the city limits must first sound their horn to warn the horses of their arrival. No one may wear a bee in their hat.
• Minors in Kansas City, Missouri, are not allowed to purchase cap pistols; they may buy shotguns freely, however.
• No one may catch fish with his bare hands in Kansas.
• Pedestrians crossing the highways at night must wear tail lights.
• Rabbits may not be shot from motorboats.
• Russell: Musical car horns are banned
• Salina: It is against the law to leave your car running unattended.
• The state game rule prohibits the use of mules to hunt ducks.
• Topeka: The installation of bathtubs is prohibited.
• Wichita: Before proceeding through the intersection of Douglas and Broadway, a motorist is required to get out of their vehicle and fire three shot gun rounds into the air. Any person caught using or carrying bean snappers or the like shall upon conviction, be fined. -City ordinance 349 of Wichita, Kansas.


• A person can be sent to jail for five years for merely sending a bottle of beer, wine or spirits as a gift to a friend in Kentucky.
• An ordinance in Murray, Ky., says the superintendent of sanitation "shall determine whether a person is small, medium or large." Why the superintendent should make this determination is left unsaid.
• A Kentucky statute says: "No female shall appear in a bathing suit on any highway within this state unless she is escorted by at least two officers or unless she be armed with a club." Later, an amendment proposed: "The provisions of this statute shall not apply to any female weighing less than sixty pounds nor exceeding 200 pounds; nor shall it apply to female horses."
• All nude people in your house must be registered in Kentucky.
• An excerpt from brilliant Kentucky state legislation. "No female shall appear in a bathing suit on any highway within this state unless she be escorted by at least two officers or unless she be armed with a club". The following important ammendment however is to be considered here: "The provisions of this statuate shall not apply to females weighing less than 90 pounds nor exceeding 200 pounds,
• Any person who appears on any highway, or upon the street of any city that has no police protection, when clothed only in ordinary bathing garb, shall be fined no less than five dollars nor more than twenty-five dollars." - KRS 436.140
• Any person who displays, handles or uses any kind of reptile in connection with any religious service or gathering shall be fined not less than fifty dollars ($50) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100). -KRS 437.060 (Passed 1942, from Ky. Stat. sec. 1267a-1.).
• By law, anyone who has been drinking is "sober" until he or she "cannot hold onto the ground".
• Each year, the mayor of Danville, Ky., must appoint "three intelligent housekeepers" to the Board of Tax Supervisors.
• Frankfort, Kentucky, makes it against the law to shoot off a policeman's tie.
• In Danville, Ky., it's illegal to throw slops or soapsuds in the street.
• In Kentucky, according to an old law, it's illegal to use any kind of reptile in a religious service. It's not certain if the law would withstand First Amendment scrutiny today.
• In Kentucky every citizen of is required to take a shower once a year.
• In Kentucky you need a license to walk around nude on your property.
• In Lexington, Kentucky, it's illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket.
• It is illegal in Kentucky to marry the same man more than 3 times.
• It is illegal to fish with a bow and arrow in Kentucky.
• It is illegal to shoot game out of the window of a moving vehicle, with the exception of a whale
• It is illegal to transport an ice cream cone in your pocket.
• It's illegal to fish in the Ohio River in Kentucky without an Indiana Fishing License.
• Lexington: It is illegal to transport an ice cream cone in your pocket. By law, anyone who has been drinking is "sober" until he or she "cannot hold onto the ground."
• No person owning or controlling a billiard or pool table shall permit, for compensation or reward, any minor under eighteen (18) years of age to play any game on the table, unless such minor shall have first displayed an identification card containing his name, age, photograph, and the signature of his parents or guardian. The minor shall keep such identification card on his person, and it shall be subject to inspection at any time by any peace officer. The person owning or controlling such billiard or pool table shall keep and maintain a registration book in which each minor shall sign. The person owning or controlling such billiard or pool table shall supply a blank identification card to each parent or guardian who makes request for same. Any person who violates this section shall be fined not less than ten ($10) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100) for each offense. -KRS 436.320 (Passed 1893; Amended in 1954, Ky. Acts ch. 232, sec. 1)
• No person shall sell, exchange, offer to sell or exchange, display or possess living baby chicks, ducklings, or other fowl or rabbits which have been dyed or colored; nor dye or color any baby chicks, ducklings or other fowl or rabbits; nor sell, exchange, offer to sell or exchange or to give away baby chicks, ducklings or other fowl or rabbits, under two months of age in any quantity less than six, except that any rabbit weighing three pounds or more may be sold at an age of six weeks. Any person who violates this section shall be fined not less than $100 nor more than $500. -KRS 436.600 (Passed 1966 Ky. Acts ch. 215, sec. 5.)
• Owensboro: A woman may not buy a hat without her husband's permission. One may not receive anal sex. All bees entering Kentucky shall be accompanied by certificates of health, stating that the apiary from which the bees came was free from contagious or infectious disease. -KRS 252.130 (Passed in 1922; Repealed in 1948)


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