Selling your house??? Do you truly know the first impression?

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I have been in large, beautiful homes that have many rooms but what is your first impression? The home office in the room off the foyer! Sure, it could be a library, but in this day and age, it is probably going to have a computer, printer and maybe even two desks and chairs! Clients wlll tell you that they need their office and can't move it so what can you do?

Your best is all. Get the clients to pare back their papers, binders and unnecessary stuff. Sometimes one of them will be able to work with less or swap out the desktop for a laptop. Every little bit will help. And, face the desk towards the door whenever possible.


messy officeoffice

  The view from the foyer before home staging                                                                  After

You only have one chance to make a good first impression so don't have tunnel vision! Stand at the front door and honestly assess everything in view and then do your best to WOW your buyers. Barbara Corcoran says that buyers decide within the first 10 seconds if they are interested in a house. Make sure those 10 seconds say "YES! THIS IS THE ONE FOR ME!"

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