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National Association of REALTORS 2010 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers - What do they want?

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group - arms upWhat are the qualities home buyers and sellers look for in a real estate professional?  The recent release of the National Association of REALTORS Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers for 2010 reveals that even with access to an abundance of information online, consumers still value the services offered by a full-service agents and brokers.

According to the stats - Here's what  sellers want most from a full service agent -

  1. Help me price the home competitively - 22%
  2. Help find a buyer for the home - 21%
  3. Help seller market the home to potential buyers - 20%
  4. Help sell the home in a specific time frame - 19%

In today's market place, sellers rely even more on real estate professionals to help them price their homes as competitively and realistically as possible.   Most understand that their home has most likely,  lost value in the past few years and understandably, want to sell for as much as they can.

Consumers also know that exposing their home to the largest universe of buyers possible means they stand a better chance of selling quickly and for a higher price.  That's why agents who go above and beyond to actually market the home versus just posting it on the web on free  sites are preferred by sellers.

Also, according to the study, buyers want a real estate professional to  --

  1. Help them to find the right home - 51%
  2. Help negotiate the terms - 14%
  3. Help with price negotiations - 12%
  4. Help with the paperwork - 10%

Even though home shopping on their own has never been easier, buyers are still looking to the agent to help them find the right home and a professional agent to help them through the process.    Agents who presents themselves as honest, caring,  knowledgeable, and full-service stand a better chance of engaging buyers.

Even though the market has changed and technology has changed, consumers' expectations remain consistent.   Sellers still want their home priced well and marketed well with the belief that means a faster, more profitable  sell and buyers are still looking for a professional agent to guide them through the process.

Top agents have always known this and they make sure they promote these qualities to both buyers and sellers.  That's why they continue to win the business and confidence of consumers.