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I am a licensed home inspector in Connecticut.  These days we all know buyers are scarce, so there is no reason for sellers to make the process difficult.  When it comes time for the home inspection, please give your sellers and buyers these tips.

For the sellers:

Please leave your pets, especially dogs, in a crate or at a friend's house. I love animals but they can be a distraction, nuisance, or downright unfriendly during the inspection. I had one inspection where the dog barked non-stop for the whole 2 hours!

Please declutter the areas where the inspector needs access, such as the elctrical panel, furnace, water heater and attic hatch. We are not required to move personal belongings and I don't expect my clients or their realtor to have to be movers.

Please leave the house key in the lockbox. Most times I have to go back 48 hours after the inspection to pick up my continuous radon monitor and it can be so frustrating when the listing agent has removed the key or lockbox, thinking that the house is sold.

Sellers, please go to the movies, visit a friend, or just be somewhere else other than at the home inspection. The buyers are paying for my time and expertise and want to talk frankly without getting into debates.

For the buyers:

Please try to be on-time. For me, if someone arrives within 15 minutes of the appointment, that's close enough. Any later, and you are cutting into my next inspection. Remember, you are paying for my time and I do not want to rush your inspection.

Please leave the little ones with a sitter or the grands. They will have a much better time, and we will have a much better inspection.

Please bring a notepad, camera, tape measure and anything else you want to record your time at your inspection. Please also bring some form of payment-cash, check or credit card as payment is due at the inspection.

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Ronald DiLalla
Century 21 Discovery DRE 01813824 - Anaheim, CA
No. Orange Cty Real Estate

Mark,   great info.  Will definitely use this with all future buyers and sellers..tks Ron

Mar 15, 2011 06:41 AM