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Closed stores at Pine Plaza in Whippany, Hanover Township, NJ...

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Here at Pine Plaza in Whippany, we've already lost Bagel Brunch and Pathmark and now a number of others are rumored to be closing. Someone on anther local forum asked Committeeman Francioli if, considering the loss of tenants at Pine Plaza, the town has considered meeting with the landlord of the plaza and trying to work on the problem of boarded up storefronts which the poster considers to be a "blight" the township cannot afford. Any thoughts/ideas?

Whippany resident

I'm not exactly sure meeting with the landlord would do any good unless you're going to ask him to get good tenants. As a person who has lived in town for well over a decade and remembers how great the Foodtown was, it's not surprising that Pathmark is closing - they are horrible. I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did. They have a pathetic selection. The employees are never pleasant. And Bagel Brunch.....well, they had the worst bagels I've ever had, and the girls behind the counter never got an order right any time I dared go in there. I wouldn't be too concerned about Pathmark moving out - I've heard that Foodtown is moving out of its location on Rdigedale and is moving back into Pine Plaza. Maybe with a decent supermarket in Pine Plaza, it might attract better tenants for the smaller, empty units. Too bad it's not big enough for a Wegmans. Maybe the town can court Whole Foods with a Jamba Juiceinside like the one in Edgewater.

Mar 22, 2011 05:30 AM