Durham, NC's Third Annual Creek Week

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Alright everyone, mark your calendars, if they are not already properly highlighted – March 19-26 is Durham’s Third Annual Creek Week 2011! This focus on our watersheds is extremely important because it is imperative that we keep the water in our creeks fresh and clean. Heck, Durham County’s own Falls Lake is the main water source for the capitol city of Raleigh. Also, our body is between 53 and 70 percent water, depending on whose research one believes.

In order to see the myriad possibilities that are available to anyone who is fortunate enough to take in one of the events during Creek Week, please visit the Keep Durham Beautiful website. There are over 30 activities that are scheduled during the week through which one may experience wildlife available to only those who spend an Evening of Canoe Paddling on the Lower Eno River, take a Wildflower Walk at Penny’s Bend Nature Preserve, or go on a Turtle Trek along the Pea Creek Trail.

For those whose taste tends to be more altruistic in nature, there are thirteen chances where you can clean up after the more selfish that have traveled before you. It seems that all the waterways of Durham are represented in these Creek Cleanups, so please choose the nearest creek to your neighborhood and come prepared to practice the mantra of backpackers – “Leave the scene cleaner that you found it.” Durham’s flora and fauna will thank you for your efforts.

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