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When I first got here a month ago there was some discussion about how the Site Builders could monetize the site.  What kind of ads should they sell?  What annual subscription fee should they charge?  Well, if I understand the most recent info as of Friday, AR et. al. versus MOVE.com et. al. it appears the Site Builders had their own plans on how to monetize the site.  Our discussion was wasted air and we did not even know it.  Well lets revisit out discussion !!

We now know that approx 30 Million is the going price for ACTIVE RAIN.  A little quick math >>>  $30 mil / 50 k members = $600 dollars apiece.  Could we pony up 600 dollars apiece and do the deal.  (I would like to get the commercial commision on this.  Consider me as the 'procuring cause' at this point ! !)  WHO WANTS TO BUY ACTIVE RAIN ? !  LETS SEE A SHOW OF HANDS.  I MEAN IT, GET THEM UP THERE !! HIGHER, HIGHER, YOU THERE IN THE BACK OF THE ROOM, GET IT UP THERE, I CAN'T SEE YA, STAND ON A CHAIR IF YA HAVE TO.  LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE A QUOREM.  Let's begin.

I need some proprosals on how to implement the plan and we will vote on them. 

 1.  A proprosal  -  That all current active rain members as of Sep 31, 11:59 PM be allowed the option to participate in the purchase of Active Rain shares or any other described assests that are necessary toi the function of the AR Site.  All members and management will have the opportunity to putchase equal amounts of shares for equal prices.  No special classes of shares will be permitted or created. 

2.  A proprosal.  -  That said share auction will commence on or before the last day of January 2008. 

3.  A proposal.  -  That a reputable local firm be retained to create the share documents and prepare the appropriate legal verbage attendant to such share documents. 

4.  A proposal.  -  That monies for operations will be sent to Dwight Wolfe, Panama City Florida for deposit into a Regions bank account that will be established as the 'Active Rain Community, Purtchase Funding Account.  We can appoint two other folks in town to help secure the account.  Any receipts, deposits, transfers must all be triple controled.  

5.  Any other business at this time?  Meeting will be adjourned after the voting.  Next meeting is Tuesday evening.

Send in your votes. YEA or NAY with the associated prop. number.  I will talley them.


Half the posts tonight were , 'We wish them well', "Good luck boys" (their men), "They should be able to get what ever they want".  We, the AR Community can make all those well wishes come to pass, and even so much more.  NO waiting and NO excuses people.  NOW !! 

I AM NOT KIDDING PEOPLE, I AM READY TO GO WITH THIS !! EVERYONE HERE HAS MADE GREAT CONTRIBUTIONS, WHY SHOULD WE THE COMMUNITY, NOT BE GIVEN, THE RIGHT OF FIRST REFUESAL, TO PURCHASE AR?  Hell, if AR will deal with anything that is MOVE.com or REALTOR.org, or NAR,  God only know what other low life real estate establishment we could end up with, we are certainly 10 steps up above all of that class of buyer.  

The Rainers that helped make this a successful AR website have earned the MORAL RIGHT to be a party to what ever financial suscess and future this site might have. 

Whoever knows how to get the AR Site Builders on the phone, get them to read this post ASAP.  We need to know if they are interested.  It would be nice to know what we need to begin working on before Tuesday evening.  Whether we need more discussion, committee assgments, or begin collecting money, and or if we need to establish a temporary holding company prior to the actual purchase of AR 'Rainey Shares" 

Always use a RREP, A Rainmaker Real Estate Professional.  (c) Dwight Wolfe, 2007

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Dwight Wolfe
Emerald Coast Realty, Inc. - Panama City Beach, FL

When YOU are buying or selling a home YOU always want to have a RainMaker RREP* working for you. 

* RainMaker Real Estate Professional 

Sep 27, 2007 11:14 PM
Chris Griffith
Downing-Frye Realty, Bonita Springs, FL - Bonita Springs, FL
Bonita Springs Listing Specialist - Agent
I think you better hurry.  Move is pretty big.  I wonder if they can just wear out Active Rain with legal expenses and take over.  
Sep 27, 2007 11:34 PM
Renée Donohue~Home Photography
Savvy Home Pix - Allegan, MI
Western Michigan Real Estate Photographer
Move doesn't give points so I will opt to purchase a stock option myself!
Sep 28, 2007 02:15 AM
Eric Kodner
Madeline Island Realty - La Pointe, WI
CRS, Madeline Island Realty, LaPointe, WI 54850 -

Dwight, what do you propose we charge future members in order to join? 

If you charge future members $600 apiece, my guess is the AR membership figure will remain frozen at just over 50,000.

Sep 28, 2007 02:19 AM
Dwight Wolfe
Emerald Coast Realty, Inc. - Panama City Beach, FL

Chris - Yes.  Unfortunately the action has already begun but that is no reason not to get the show on the road.  And we already know that MOVE has goofed-up for starters.  ARs effort at this time is not to force MOVE to purchase them but rather to not use the data or techniques that were revealed. 

Renee - Glad to have you aboard. 

Eric - The 600 is if we get 50K AR members on board.  But that will make us the owners.  How we operate the business after that is up to us.  Which brings us back to how do we 'monetize' the site?  Small membership fee and other advertizing fees?  Do we want to have a 'huge' membership?  Will it be best as 'come-one-come-all' or will some more selective process be beneficial? 

Maggie, Chris, Renee, Eric.  Thanks for your comments.  If I may ask for a bit of help.  And really folks I do not care that much about points, . . . yet.   But if you could highlight this post to your AR friends so that we can get it noticed I would appreciate it.  I AM SERIOUS, WE SHOULD TRY TO BUY ACTIVE RAIN.  Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of good posts that go quickly into oblivion because they just don't get noticed.  AR, like any other website, if you don't get to the front page, you are fighting an uphill battle.  If we can get this onto the front page and get folks tlaking about it, we can get a good cross-talk on the pros and cons of buying Active Rain. 


Sep 28, 2007 07:25 AM
Jonathan Dalton
Realty ONE Group - Glendale, AZ

Dwight ... why would you want to buy it? What's here? Where's the value proposition? What's in it for me?

That's why Move.Com walked ... the only value is what the agents bring. Why would I want to pay for a platform to which I have to contribute the value when I can go it alone with the same results?

You can have my posts. I learned my lesson long ago and it was reinforced when I'd post an excerpt here, a full post on my blog and the comments would come here for the 25 points.

It's silly. 

Sep 28, 2007 08:30 AM
Christina Ethridge
The North Idaho Dream Team powered by SKE Realty Group - Coeur d'Alene, ID
Jonathan - I understand that you do not see a value proposition for you, but I'm actually quite surprised that you can't see the value proposition of AR to potential buyers.  It's huge.  Move didn't walk because they failed to see the value.  That's pretty obvious from even outside parties.
Sep 28, 2007 08:56 AM
Fran Gaspari
Patriot Land Transfer, Inc. - Limerick, PA
"The Title Man" - Title Insurance - PA & NJ


I came over here because of your invite! Let me play devil's advocate for a moment. We all agree that Active Rain as we know it has been a good thing! Right! Consider:

*The 90/10 rule---probably only 10% of the people now registered will opt to participate.

*AR as we know it is essentially 'free'---Why can't another 'AR like' model come about that at the outset is owned by founding, as well as, future members at little or nominal cost to each participant.

* Now that we know that there is pending litigation, why would we pledge money to buy into a lawsuit.

*Let's wait until the dust settles before making decisions that are wrought with emotion.

*Dwight, I think your heart is in the right place, and I admire the courage of your proposal.

Thanks,   Fran

Sep 28, 2007 09:21 AM
Dwight Wolfe
Emerald Coast Realty, Inc. - Panama City Beach, FL

Jonathon -   Thanks for the comment.  I am interested in all points of view about the value of AR.  I welcome the collective knowledge of all the members here and am certain a broad discussion will provide great value to the concept of whether or not the members should consider if buying AR is a good idea. 

I am not clear about your comment  >>> "You can have my posts. I learned my lesson long ago and it was reinforced when I'd post an excerpt here, a full post on my blog and the comments would come here for the 25 points."  Please explain that if you would like.

Christina -  I do not know why MOVE 'walked' but I am glad they did.  It will be interesting to find out why, Unfortunately I think that will take the time of the courts, we may not live that long.   :-0

Sep 28, 2007 09:25 AM
Dwight Wolfe
Emerald Coast Realty, Inc. - Panama City Beach, FL

Fran -   Thanks for your comments.  I think you brought up some great points.  You or anyone else that wants to play the Devil's Advocate is always more than welcome here. 

Sep 28, 2007 09:36 AM
Fran Gaspari
Patriot Land Transfer, Inc. - Limerick, PA
"The Title Man" - Title Insurance - PA & NJ


I think you created a great place for dialogue here! Thoughts keep popping into my head at such a rapid pace I can't sort them all out.

I really think the greatest single asset of AR is its neutrality---It doesn't seem to have any 'hidden agendas' or 'financial advantages for any particular group'. Rather than put a dollar value on its worth as a financial commodity, I would like to see its 'Community Sense' preserved! Perhaps an entity without an axe to grind or a financial incentive to gain could acquire and maintain the site as a 'public service'. Say someone like the banking industry or the insurance industry or the health care industry or the gasoline industry. They would fund its maintenance without any regulatory powers purely as a 'public service'.

Maintaining 'Neutrality' is key and this is almost impossible when there is a financial advantage to be gained!!!

I just offer these for thought and discussion! Thanks,   Fran

Sep 28, 2007 09:54 AM
Dwight Wolfe
Emerald Coast Realty, Inc. - Panama City Beach, FL
Fran -   Thank you for the very HIGH COMPLIMENT.    I think we need to have this discussion ASAP.  The things you thought of were something that I would have never thought of.  One Caveat, perhaps not the banking industry.  It seems that they are forever trying to uncut us as REALTORS.  The banks have been wanting to offer real estate services forever.  That has been a long and ongoing fight.  A whole 'other' discussion. 
Sep 28, 2007 10:09 AM
Fran Gaspari
Patriot Land Transfer, Inc. - Limerick, PA
"The Title Man" - Title Insurance - PA & NJ


Whoever has the deepest pockets would have the most to gain by the 'PR' generated. The key is to prevent CONTROL by any of these 'cartels' and allow AR to continue as an open forum for real estate professionals!

Sep 28, 2007 10:13 AM
Jason Smith
DreamDirt Auction - Mondamin, IA

Everybody is focused on this $30million figure. Remember that MOVE did not come through with the $30million offer and as it appears only used that figure to trick AR into handing our our personal information along with a few other secrets.  The $30million figure means nothing.   Its not worth anything until somebody writes a check, the check is cashed and deposited in the sellers account.  Then you'll know what its worth.

AR has value.  Its kind of a you scratch my back and I'll scratch your in a simplistic way.  AR provides us a platform to attract business, in return we add value to their platform by participating.  

One day AR might be worth $30million and they have a heck of a start on it.  You never know who will come along tomorrow with a better idea.  They say publicity is good, but in this case could it damage AR?  I know my opinion has shift a bit in the last day or so knowing they handed our information out like that.

Sep 28, 2007 10:28 AM
Dwight Wolfe
Emerald Coast Realty, Inc. - Panama City Beach, FL

Jason -  Thanks for your comment.  You are right about the 30 Million, the current events certainly should not be construed as determining AR's appropriate value in any way.  As you noted, 'MOVE did not come through . . .'  For now it is just a number to use along with the larger conversation, 'What is AR worth?'.  But I do think AR has considerable value and I think that is why we as AR members would do well to consider it just like we would any other investment. 

Sep 28, 2007 10:54 AM
Dwight Wolfe
Emerald Coast Realty, Inc. - Panama City Beach, FL
Wouldn't if be better if we can own Active Rain ourselves rather than to have it end up in the hands of someone else?  I think it would give us a lot of flexibiliy as a member owned organization.
Sep 28, 2007 12:20 PM
Todd Clark
eXp Realty LLC - Tigard, OR
Principle Broker Oregon

I promise if a lead generation company was to buy this site, I would remove everyone of my blogs from the site! In January when our contract is up with Realtor.com I am trying to have our company make it so our listings are not available to Realtor.com.

I recently found out that they take our leads and then started their own company her in Oregon called you guessed it Realtor.com advertising hire your agent from the Internet site that has the biggest presence on the web.

Far as I'm concerned their use of the word Realtor is against the NAR code and they should have to stop and take down both their site and their brokerage.

Sep 28, 2007 05:15 PM
Dwight Wolfe
Emerald Coast Realty, Inc. - Panama City Beach, FL

Todd -  I think that you have mentioned an interesting item, here >>> Lead Generation Companies.  I think that MOVE.com and REALTOR.com and NAR just about fit into that category.  Would you feel the same if it was one of those three rather than a Lead Generation Company?  But absolutely, HomeGain or RealtyTrac or a company of that ilk would be lower than low.  All the more reason we as contributors might want to think about being owners here.

I agree with you 100% that no company should be allowed to market themselves as REALTOR .com.  And frankly, I think it is against the Code of Ethics.   Thanks for you comments.

Sep 29, 2007 04:37 AM
I think this presents some interesting possibilities.  However, it seems to me that the price at 30M is quite high.  If you have seen the news on all the other Web companies that were bought, I think that they all were over priced.  The acquirors all had more money than they knew what to do with. 
Sep 29, 2007 06:07 AM
Tracy Santrock
Santrock Realty Group Inc. , - Cary, NC
Raleigh - Cary Broker

Is this your first post? What a great post!

Wouldn't that be cool - a member owned network.  I really like the concept.  Let's just hope Homes.com doesn't beat us to the punch.

Oct 18, 2007 01:55 AM