Get your green on-Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

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Make sure that you wear your green today! As the sign on the Guinness beer warehouse in Dublin Ireland says, everyone is Irish on March 17th.

Guinness Storehouse St Patrick's Day sign


Believe it or not, blue was the color originally associated with Saint Patrick. But over the years the color gradually changed to green. It is believed that Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish because of the plant's 3 leaves. Green ribbons and shamrocks have been worn as a sign of celebration on St Patrick's Day as early as the 17th century.

In 1903, Saint Patrick's Day became an official public holiday in Ireland.  Besides Ireland, the tiny island of Montserrat and the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador are the only places where St Patrick's Day is a public holiday. But that doesn't stop people around the world from celebrating.

In what is now the USA, the Charitable Irish Society of Boston organized the first St. Patrick's Day in the Thirteen Colonies to honor its home country. New York's first Saint Patrick's Day was held in 1762 but the first recorded parade in New York was by Irish soldiers in the British Army in 1766. The New York City parade has become the largest Saint Patrick's Day parade in the world.   


Here are some of my favorie Old Irish Blessings & Sayings to help you celebrate the day:

May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home.

May good and faithful friends be yours, wherever you may roam?

May peace and plenty bless your world with joy that long endures.

May all life's passing seasons bring the best to you and yours!

Lucky stars above you, Sunshine on your way,
Many friends to love you, Joy in work and play-
Laughter to outweigh each care, In your heart a song-
And gladness waiting everywhere All your whole life long!

Wishing you always...Walls for the wind,
A roof for the rain And tea beside the fire.
Laughter to cheer you, Those you love near you,
And all that your heart may desire

May the sun shine, all day long,
everything go right, and nothing wrong.
May those you love bring love back to you,
and may all the wishes you wish come true!

May the luck of the Irish
Lead to happiest heights
And the highway you travel
Be lined with green lights.

Dance as though no one were watching you,
Love as though you have never loved before,
Sing as though no one were listening,
Live as everyday were your last.

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Mechelle Cranford
Sell, Buy, Invest, Relocate, Distressed Properties - Charlotte, NC
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Wow...does time fly or what?  Thank you so much for the reminder!!  Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Mar 16, 2011 06:52 PM
Dan Edward Phillips
Dan Edward Phillips, Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, CA - Eureka, CA
Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, CA

Good Morning Annalisa and Happy St. Patricks day to you!

Mar 16, 2011 10:50 PM

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