Are you and investor with money to lend?? give me a call, lets make a deal

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I work with home owners all days long.


My primary goal is to keep them in their home if that makes sense. 

My next goal, is to help with a short sale if they can not afford a modified payment.

I would like to work with private money if the payment makes sense.  I do not want to offer a client money that is more than allowed for a primary residence.


Also as a realtor I may be interested in having money myself if a short sale comes up I can buy the short sale, do the negotiating then sale the home as  a traditional sale.  Not sure if this makes sense.  but some people do not want to deal with short sales.  


I would like to offer clients Lease options if they have done a short sale and can not qualify for a loan


My goal is to have creative financiang that will benefit both the home owner and the investor.


give me a call if your looking to help a home owner.


Looking for private money that I can use to pay off an underwater first loan. Hopefully we can pay 8% with 2 0 3ponts.  and 20% down would be ideal.


also If I can find an investor who would be willing to work with me on short sales for a short term purchase.  I buy the property at 70% cmv etd.


Give me a call.


JoAnna Jensen


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JoAnna Jensen

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Michael-Edward Cruz
Pacific Sotheby's International Realty - Newport Coast, CA
Michael-Edward Cruz - Newport Coast & Bay Front

I have worked with homeowners for about 5 years now with short sales. I have seen many different ideas to profit with short sales. Some have landed agents in jail. Not sure what your interested in doing, maybe missread, but you want to buy the short sale and then flip them? Or sell the home back to the homeowner? Interested in knowing more about your idea...If its legit, I may be able to help. If not maybe I can help you avoid a potential problem. 

Mar 17, 2011 04:32 PM
JoAnna Jensen
Volo Law & Legal Realty - San Jose, CA


I am a legal assistant / realtor and our law firm is extremly ethical.


I am looking for private money for a few potential ideas.

1) when a home owner short sales they may want to buy again but will not be able to qualify with traditional financing so I have thought about private money but will not introduce a client to a lender who is going to charge a very high interest rate with additional junk fees.

2) there are other options as well so Im looking for a private money lender to see if I can set up a situation when the times comes.


Some lenders will allow a home owner to settle an underwater first but I have to find the financinng.  Some homeowners have perfect credit are underwater have the ability to pay but we cant get financing because they are underwater.  Both my attorney and I would like to set up private money for our clients to either save their home or help them buy after a short sale.


If this makes sense feel free to give me a call. 


JoAnna Jensen

Legal Assistant  Realtor  

volo law 

925 699 5041


I do know FHA has a negative equity program where they will pay off a principal residence only on participating loans.  the loan has to be curent and upside down 10% or more.  WE have to find the financing and we can do these all day long.


We will do the negotiating with both the first and second loan.  

Mar 19, 2011 07:49 PM