Some MORE Positives and Negatives in our Modern World 2011

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Some MORE Positives and Negatives in our Modern World 2011

Positive:  Texting is so cool!  It is great for the quick notes to your clients or relationships.  It is great for relaying information without actually having to make a phone call- which I find really valuable.  It is great for asking my wife to pick up milk when she is at the grocery store.  Or confirming an appointment time or amusing my friends when m son gets a hold of it and sends out a bunch of nonsensical babble to a client. 

(It is actually astounding how many times when that happens, I get a text back that says "What?"  Like I was actually trying to communicate something and was that inept.   Hmmm.)

I also know it enhances the dexterity and hand-eye coordination of friends of mine with big, sausage-like fingers

 Negative:  I think Texting is making us language lazy.  I really noticeD this when I got a text from the teenage daughter of one of my clients.

That sounds horrible!

What I mean is that I may get a text from the daughter because mom is running late, and she is driving- and daughter is in the passenger seat, so mom tells her to text me- which is a use I think is great!  But this is usually what the text is like:

 "Brian We R L8.  OMG traffic is BAD!  B thr in 10.  C U L8tr.  Mom & Dad: YTBAITW!"

 Let me translate:

 "Brian- I am so sorry, but we are running late!  Traffic is really bad and we should be there in about 10 minutes.  We will see you then!  Mom and Dad say "You're The Best Agent In The World!" (I just made that one up.)

 I usually respond:

 "NP!  C U L8tr 2!"   

I guess I just perpetuate the problem.

 I always make this comparison to my wife about how communication has changed with the advent of technology.  Back in the Civil War times, your typical letter home would have started something like this:

 "My Dearest Dora,

            I do declare that the extent of this altercation is much more far reaching and of greater consequence than I originally had entertained.  Despite the dreadful fear I walk through all my waking hours in this madman's world, it is thoughts of you; your fair skin, your most sweet caress, that keep my tread steadfast and true..." 


A few years ago it would have been:


Yo Baby- these freaking guys just keep shootin!  Man- I can't wait to get back to you and have some "us" time!




Today's text version would be:

 1.555.555.5555: BaB  CW2CU LUV U CUL8TR! 



That's WAY more romantic than my texts to my wife:     No milk or fud Can you PU some plz? TP 2!


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