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March 2011


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Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.
Branch Manager
(410) 420-4040
Fax:    (410) 420-4050
126 Industry Lane
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Housing Market on Its Way to Repair?
If what goes up must come down, is the opposite true? If home prices go down, will they eventually go back up - or at least level off? Experts from the Wall Street Journal say yes.

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If you're considering a Home Purchase then now is the time to take action! Check out the "Resource Center" in the left-hand column of this newsletter for an interactive online tool that can help answer just about any mortgage or real estate related question.

Brian Tracy Inspirational Article of the Month:

Identify Your Weakest Areas
Brian Tracy is a world-renowned personal and professional development coach that has helped millions of people achieve their goals and develop a positive mindset. Brian will be contributing to our newsletter every month by providing us with an article to help inspire you, our clients, to reach higher and achieve more than ever before.

Click Here to Read the Full Article by Brian Tracy

Interesting Articles and Photos of the Month:

50 Strange Buildings of the World
From crooked houses to spiral shaped homes, from modern office blocks to space age shopping malls, the photos within this page include it all.
Enjoy this weird, odd, bizarre and incredible looking architecture throughout 50 of the most strangely designed buildings in the world.

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Child Gets Trapped in Bank Vault for Hours
A toddler's trip to the bank takes a scary turn when she wanders into the vault and gets trapped for four tense hours. Click here to see who was eventually able to set the little girl free and unharmed.

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The Most Amazing Photo Manipulations
The photos within this page are some of the most creative examples of photo-editing wizardry. Lots of hybrid animals, soft materials that should be brittle and body parts looking far too natural in the wrong places.

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Top 10 Oddball Tax Deductions
With tax season in full gear, here is a list of the weirdest deductions allowed. Who knew you could use pet food or a girlfriend to save you money!

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Videos of the Month:

University of Hawaii Marching Band Forms Giant Stick Figure Football Player
During a halftime performance the University of Hawaii marching band turns into a giant football player and even kicks a field goal. Watch this clip and be sure to share with family, friends, and co-workers!

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Boy Dunks Himself During Phoenix Halftime
If you've never seen a person dunk themselves here is your chance. A guy accidentally puts himself through the hoop during a Phoenix Suns halftime show.

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Delicious Recipe of the Month:

Banana Pecan Pound Cake
This cake will really satisfy your sweet tooth craving for any time of day. More moist then a typical pound cake with bananas and yogurt to create a delicious texture.

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Joke of the Month:

Door to Door
Sometimes people will do just about anything to get a sale. Read this joke to see how far one might go to get a sale. Share this joke with someone that looks like they could use a laugh too.

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