A Wish List (we all have them)

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We all have our own wish lists that describe exactly what we wish we could do with our time, money, or significant others (no cruel thoughts here ladies and gentleman)!  LOL.  Anyway,  here is my list of things that I wish to do in the near future:

  1. Go to Hawaii - the guy who invited me here (Andy Scherer) rambles on all the time about the paradise-like islands.  So, I would love to go there to see what all the hub-bub is about!
  2. Go deep-sea fishing.  I guess I can do that while I'm in Hawaii, but I've always wanted to do this!
  3. Hang-glide! I guess you can say it's the only "edgy" side that I have.  I could never go bungie jumping or sky diving, but I would glide on a V shape frame stuck together with paper and D-rings!
  4. Retire happy with absolutely no financial worries.

I have a feeling that I can attain my "wish list" as long as I stay focused on what is important right now (family, me, and work).  If my family isn't happy and healthy, neither am I.  Work comes last, but is always done at 110% quality! 

So, I'm curious...do you have a wish list?

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