It's time for Spring Maintenance

Home Inspector with Certified Structure Inspector IOS #1730, EA #30

Its spring time and soon the good weather will be here.  Over the next couple of months the signs of winter will disappear and the signs of what winter did to your home will appear. As I always mention one of the most damaging things to a structure is moisture and winter brings lots of it.  So as the weather warms up get around the house and check a few things out.

Check for damage to driveways, walkways, and stairs. Repair any damage or tripping hazards.

Check your roof & flashings for damage, also go into the attic and look for signs of water or water stains.

Look at gutters and down spouts for loose or damaged sections.

Check fascia, eves, and trim for deterioration or damage.

Check the bottom of siding for damage from snow build up or water splash back.

Look into your crawl space and check for moisture damage, standing water, and damaged vent screens.

Clean vent hood & filter, dryer ducts, dryer exhaust damper, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Check your water heater for corrosion or leaks. Using the drain let some water out to remove sediment.

Check your plumbing shut off valves at all fixtures, washer, and outside.

Have an HVAC professional come out and service your unit before it's needed.

Most of this you can do yourself or you can call a reputable Home Inspector like myself to come and inspect these things and much more. Home Inspections can be done any time. 

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