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Sell your Seniors' family home then sell the retirement home and save them cash!

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For agents looking to work with seniors here is a quick guide on the HECM for PURCHASE • A HECM for Purchase enables senior homebuyers age 62 or older to purchase a new home without taking on monthly mortgage payments* • Reverse mortgage customers receive title to their new home and cannot owe more than the value of their home. • The sale of a departure home is a completely separate transaction from the purchase and reverse mortgage for purchase transaction • The reverse mortgage is utilized on the new primary residence • Reverse mortgage proceeds will be calculated based on the youngest homebuyer’s age and the lowest value of either the new home’s sale price or appraised value or the national HECM lending limit • All of the normal costs associated with selling and buying property apply as well as the normal reverse mortgage fees Please visit my website or contact me directly to see how you can doulble your income and end up with some really thrilled senior clients - and thrilled children - this actually helps them to keep a great deal of the cash from the home they sold instead of buying cash! And remember this is strictly a no income no credit mortgage. 631-220-7742 bcollins2@metlife.com

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