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Is the Atlanta Market Recovering?

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Like many other States in the country Georgia and particularly Atlanta has seen its share of foreclosures over the past couple years. Everyone wants to know when the housing market is coming back and home prices will start to rise again. The Atlanta Journal Constitution featured an article with John Adams that posed that similar question. That’s the million dollar questions and truthfully one that top economists will give you varying answers on. With that said, I won’t predict a date either but I believe that homes in Atlanta will not see a turnaround for at least another 3 years. Thousands of homes throughout Metro Atlanta are still being foreclosed on each month. This will continue to pull down home values until we see a significant slowdown in foreclosures. I wish there was more optimistic news, but I think we are a few years away from seeing a normal market again.

To see John Adams opinion on this question, click here to see his article in the AJC.


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