Local Business--Tigerland Daycare in Old Katy

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Tigerland Daycare, located in Old Katy Proper, at 5315 E. 5th Street is a locally owned daycare that is absolutely awesome. (281) 391-8750

The kids really seem to enjoy themselves, the pricing is excellent ultimately, from the very little to the almost teens, they really learn a lot!

Some of the teachers there (especially in the baby room) have been there over 20 years! My daughter was there in the baby room and on up...over three years now, going on 4! The took the 4 year olds on their first field trip the other day to the new Houston Garden Center to see the plants and then off to McDonalds for lunch. My daughter thought it was the coolest thing ever!

I highly recommend Tigerland Daycare, but get your spot early and it FILLS UP!

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