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We have all had times in our lives where someone discouraged our beliefs or even passions in life. Maybe someone told you that you couldn't do something because of whom you are or where you come from. Maybe they told you that you weren't "good" enough or that you will never amount to anything. Those comments however small they may seem could actually become loud voices in your head eating away at your self esteem. For someone unsure of themselves, these statements may actually be more powerful than one may realize.

The key here is to not give up on what you believe to be true for yourself. Giving up on yourself only let's their voices rule your own. Only you know what you are really good at or enjoy doing with your life. It helps to have people support you and believe in you, but if you don't have that, you can still go on and accomplish your goals. Know that you will meet people along the way that will share your goals and even offer you support. But don't wait for the support to be there before you pursue your venture. Let the belief begin with you.

Our life challenge is to secure a balance within ourselves and our surroundings. We are faced with so many interferences on a daily basis that challenge our beliefs and our characters. Maybe you have friends swaying you to stay in a certain place or job. There could be family members discouraging your career aspirations. Despite their influence the only person you have to worry about focusing on pleasing is you. Remember you are ultimately the one who has to live with the consequences not them. Distinguish what your wants and needs are from theirs'. Listen to your intuition as it is a voice all on its own.

Everyone is different and therefore our goals and ideas in life are different. Realize that your goals in life will perform a specific task in our society. As long as your thoughts are pure and nobody including yourself is to be harmed then you are accomplishing something for the overall good of our society as a whole.

When we realize the importance and the value of pursuing our own purpose, others opinions of what we want to do become overshadowed. At times however, you may feel it helps to have additional sources of positive reinforcement, but be careful who you choose to ask. Often we seek someone's approval that realistically we would never get regardless of what we do. Remember that opinions are not laws that were intended to construct how we live our lives. They are simply another person's view of our lives.

Other people's opinions of our goals can provide insight, but that does not always mean that their insight is valid. Use your own judgment and know that it is ok to disagree with someone's opinion even if done quietly. If you do disagree with them, ask yourself why. After evaluation, you may even find a different facet of your own goal or opinion that you didn't see before. Use the disagreement to your benefit. You will often find that what you will acquire is the strength to begin developing your goals.

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