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I have alot of influences in my life,  The most influentual person is my aunt Sue, (god rest her soul).  She was a realtor in the grest northwest when I was growing up.  Another influence in my life is a man named Danny Parrish.  He has gone through HELL and came out the other side holding on to Jesus.  It is a great thing, especialy if you know where his loyalties lied.  He was a major player in a certain motorcycle group.  upon which I was raised around.  Alot of the people I looked up to are either gone or passed away.  Danny found his salvation and I am proud of that!!!!!  Who would of thought I would be doing what they did?  I am proud of my up bringing and proud of my mentors past and present (no brown noseing intended).  Just thought I would share.  

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It is wonderful to have such examples in your life.
Oct 07, 2007 03:21 AM