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I just recently read article written by Rob Hahn where he is going over a research about buyers and what is important to them in Real Estate Agent. The research was done by NAR and it shows how consumer rate the importance of the following skills in their Reltor: Honesty and Integrity, Knowledge of purchase process, Responsiveness, Communication Skills, Knowledge of Local Area, and Skills of Technology.

These are the results:

Honesty and Integrity 98% of buyers

Knowledge of purchase process 95%

Communication Skills   85%

Negotiation Skills       84%

Knowledge of local area 79%

Skills with technology   40%

While I agree with Rob when he is saying that consumers can't really know how much honesty and integrity their realtor possesses until they actually work with them, I think his statement that "consumer reviews of real estate agents is not particularly meaningful" is a bit harsh. He bases it on the fact that consumers are not very educated themselves about the purchase process and, therefore, can't judge how well their realtor knows it. I would have to say that I have witnessed more and more consumers doing their homework online and are getting very educated about the process and they do have very good questions to ask.

What I am surprised about, though, is how low consumers value realtor's technology skills. In this day and age I truly believe based on my own experience that advanced technology skills are essential in order to market and sell or find the property faster. I think that consumers should revisit and rethink this issue.

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That was a great blog post! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Mar 25, 2011 01:07 PM
Inna Khusid
Dilbeck Realty - Studio City, CA

Thank you! I also feel this was an important overview of realto-client relations.

Aug 03, 2011 09:50 AM