My Active Rain 60 day Challenge

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     Now that I got a couple loan processors that can tolerate my BS, I am able to delegate with a bit more confidence and free up some of my time. The folks here at Active Rain have been calling with this 60 day Rainmaker deal, and I was like 'yeah yeah', but knowing I was too busy to really give it the attention it deserves.I never gave them my plastic....until now.

     Abe is my dude at Active Rain I signed up with. While he's not as cute as the girl from Active Rain who called previously, his timing and follow up were spot on, so I signed up :) So this weekend is my mom's birthday and I'm setting up the raised beds for my veggie garden, but I will still have time to study a lot of the Active Rain training material. Next week I will take all the Active Rain classes so I can get up to speed ASAP.

     So what is My 60 Day Active Rain Challenge? It is the fact that I will do EVERYTHING Abe says for me to get the most out of Active Rain as possible, with getting transactions in process the goal. I have the time to do so, and I will be blogging keyword rich quality content that my over 1,500 closed transactions of real estate knowledge has afforded me. I will be reporting back to you once a week to let you know of my progress. See you in escrow! :)

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