What is the Goal of Internet Marketing?

Services for Real Estate Pros with Virtual Florida Tours

Web marketing is not just about driving traffic to a website. When customers arrive to the virtual tour website from a search engine, the tour must be compelling and interesting to encourage the customer to continue viewing. The content must encourage customers to want to personally tour the property or visit the business site. Customers must feel confident in the agents/company's ability to provide the product and/or service. We provide this creating customized business banners and logos, agent/owners photo, affiliate banners (redirecting the viewer directly to the agent/business website) and producing tour content. Interactive Virtual Tour Advertising combines all of these aspects into one package for a comprehensive marketing solution.

Virtual Florida Tours provides viable solutions that will increase a agent's/company's revenue and exposure to potential clients. When people are struggling financially, a agent's/company's job to influence a customer to buy becomes increasingly more difficult. Agents and Companies alike must become creative to encourage clients to part with hard earned money. We realize that branding and reputation are a significant part of encouraging customers to buy. Customers who feel that the agents/companies are trustworthy will purchase more products and services and remain loyal, a key to the agency's overall branding campaigns and virtual tour design for clients.

Virtual Florida Tours clients are kept informed throughout the life of the tour with weekly traffic reports with updates on progress and results. In addition to the tour specific traffic reports Virtual Florida Tours keeps their clients informed on updates, new technology, marketing tips, tech tips, and more through our blog. In today's market real estate professionals and business owners need dependable, profitable and cost effective marketing solutions to compete effectively. 

Virtual Florida Tours property marketing system is a complete virtual tour creation solution and comprehensive marketing engine designed to help real estate professionals capture more listings, service clients more efficiently and close leads rapidly.

The central goal of online marketing is to engage the possible prospect. Internet marketing is no longer the traditional monologue and making interactive media. This means that internet marketing needs to get your customer or potential client involved with your company, your products, and even your people before they pick up the phone or visit your location.

To form a virtual relationship with your customer they need to like what they see on the WEB before actual contact is made. Your presence online pre-sells your business and encourage   qualified clients and serious inquiries to reach out to your company.  This is our specialty.   Virtual Florida Tours will help your company leverage the depth and interactivity of the Web to create a memorable relationship with your potential customers worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573
Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker

Our full motion real video tours are built, bolted together thinking get their attention, develop their interest, build their desire and get them in to action. You have to pull that off in a few minutes or they toggle out, flit. Video is huge, quick, easy and so memorable because you use the eyes and the ears. The more senses just well... er, makes sense.

Mar 26, 2011 12:55 AM
Gabriel Duque
Virtual Florida Tours - Miami, FL

Agree our virtual tours just do that we also provide mobile virtual tours for realtors. which I think is an extremely valuable tool to obtain listings and leads it will automatically send to your phone the phone of a prospect that just scanned your Qr on his ma phone or send a text message to see one of your lisitngs. just try sending the following message: bluelave6 to 43766, and you will have an idea of what I am talking. If you are interested on the product just check miamidadeconect.txt2look.com.

Mar 26, 2011 01:01 AM
Patrick White
Home Driven Realty, Inc - Baldwin, NY
Driven to bring New Yorkers home

Good Morning Gabriel

Thanks for the post and internet marketing tips. Have a great day.

Mar 26, 2011 01:34 AM
Gabriel Duque
Virtual Florida Tours - Miami, FL

You are more than welcome


Mar 26, 2011 01:45 AM