Bathrooms, Prices and Square Footage (home size) Drop in Great Falls Virginia!!!

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Home Prices and Square Footage Come Down for Homes in Great Falls Virginia



Jay Seville: Hi, I’m Jay Seville, owner of Just New realty had a branched off from Remax a year ago and brought my team with me to open my own company. And things have been going pretty well, 38 transactions last year. I wanted to give you a big update on the Great Falls real estate market. It’s been a few month since I looked at it this in depth for you and we’re trying to be better each week when the short video blog on the New Listings coming out et cetera.


For the rest of this piece see the blog post in its entirety here-- Great Falls VA market trends.

median baths great falls homes 2011

median square feet great falls homes va 2011

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