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Gardening Tips in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina

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Gardening tips in the Piedmont region of North CarolinaNow that Spring is officially here, it is about time to start planning your garden.  Before you even start preparing your soil to plant, you should sit down, plan out what you are going to plant, how your plants are going to look once they bloom and which plants you would prefer to see next to each other.  Here are some gardening tips for the Piedmont region of North Carolina:

While roses and gardenias are beautiful, they are also very high maintenance.  Now that many local
North Carolina governments are enforcing water limitations for their residents, flowers like these may not be best.  The Piedmont's clay soil helps maintain moisture levels, so consider utilizing more drought-resistant native flowers, like the beautiful orange-colored Butterfly Milkweed or the white perennial Spiked Wild Indigo.

There are many shrubs you can use that are both low maintenance and tolerant to drought conditions in
Charlotte, North Carolina.  The Compact Holly, Nandinas, Indian Hawthorn and any of the Burning Bush varieties will spread easily and don't need a lot of maintenance.  For more info on other drought-resistant shrubs, contact your local garden center.  Make sure to plant taller shrubs near your home and place shorter shrubs out front.  They are a great way to fill up garden space without adding extra work.

Taking Care of Your Garden
Be sure to plant your flowers or shrubs either in the spring or the fall.  This will give the plants time to establish their roots before the hotter weather kicks in.  Mulch is your plant's best friend.  It keeps roots cool and retains water better than leaving the soil bare.  Apply over a damp soil bed.

The optimum time for water absorption is when the sun has just come up or as it is setting.  By watering at these times instead of during the hot day, you reduce the amount of water loss due to evaporation.  Watering by hand is better for plants than using a sprinkler system.  Plants need to be watered deeply so that the roots receive what they need.  Using sprinklers tends to mostly hit just the surfaces of plants.

Try to find ways to water that don't include using the garden hose.  For example, rain barrels can be used to capture and store rainwater for use in your Piedmont region garden.  Other nontraditional ways to gather water include running water into a portable tub while waiting for it to warm up before a shower or transferring your dish water into a bucket after hand washing dishes.  This may sound funny, but think of how much water you can save by just making these little changes.

The North Carolina Botanical Garden has put together a list of native North Carolina trees, shrubs, wildflowers, ferns and grasses to use in your Piedmont gardens and landscaping.  You can download these lists on their website.  With a little careful planning using these gardening tips, your Piedmont gardens will thrive without wasting valuable water.  Gardening can be a very relaxing, hands on way to enjoy the great outdoors.  It's also a wonderful way to bring beauty to your Charlotte home.

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