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Cherokee County Chronology

Cherokee county is in the western part of North Carolina has had a long and interesting history.The following chronology of events notes highlights since 1820.

1820-The Baptist Church established mission school and church at Old Natchez Town on the Hiwassee river.

1830-Col. A.R.S. Hunter built an Indian trading Post,at present of Murphy,called Huntersville.

1835-First post office opened under the name of Huntington with A.R.S. Hunter as its first postmaster.

1838-Fort Butler established as headquarters for the removal of the Cherokee Indians over the famous "Trail of Tears."

1839-Cherokee County formed from a portion of Macon County.

1840- Census of 1840 shows county with a population of 3,427.

1841-Murphy incorporated as county seat of  cherokee county.

1843- Settlers moving west establish village of Persimmon Creek.first post office with B. Stiles as postmaster.

1847- Turtletown post office established on Shoal Creek.

1854- Fain bloomery Forge begins operation on Owl creek. John caldwell opens road from Ocoee river to ducktown and wagon travel between Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee becomes possible for the first time.

1860- First Methodist church,Harshaw Chapel,built in Murphy..Census shows county population as 9,166.

1861- Governor Ellis declares state out of the Union.Cherokee County asked to raise 1100 men for Confederate Army...Clay County founded from southwestern section of Cherokee County.

1865-Kirk's raiders burn Murphy courthouse...battle of Hanging Dog marks last battle of Civil war in the county.

1868- New brick courthoise built on same site of the one burned in 1865.

1871- Hiwassee and Cheoah Turnpike company fromed.

1872-Meroney and Olmsted establish first foundry for the manufacture of plows and jollowware...Graham County fromed from portion of Cherokee County.

1873- Cherokee Herald becomes first newspaper James O. Robinson publishing first edition Dec.11.

1882- Mount Pleasant Academy opened with Porfesser Rolan in charge.

1884- Famous Dickey  Hotel opened.

1888- Georgia and North Carolina Railroad reaches Murphy from Marietta,Ga.

1890- Town of Andrews incorporated...W.T. Corder erects first two story brick building in Murphy.

1891- Southern Railroad reches Murphy from Asheville...New brick courthouse built.

1892- New courthouse destroyed by fire.

1893- Courthouse rebuilt.

1895- Rebuilt courthouse destoryed by fire.

1896- Courthouse 0nce again rebuilt using same outer walls of the destroyed in the previous year.

1898- Miners and Planters Bank chartered as frist bank in the county.

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