I Need an Agent? Really?

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I wonder how the general public views real estate agents.

The reason I ask this is because, if I feel sick, I call a doctor. If I am getting audited – again – I call my CPA. If I am buried in my house payments, am under employed and negotiating work out agreements with credit card agencies, I am not calling my real estate agent. Why Not??!!

Is it because the agent you used was just interested in getting you in the house and not because you trusted them to do what was best for you?

I spoke to someone over the weekend that was a referral from one of my probate attorneys. This is a gentleman that came into some money and bought a house. Now, 7 years later, he has mortgaged the property to it’s 2007 value, which means he owes more than it’s worth, and he has kept his head down for the last 13 months just trying to tough it through these restricted times.

Like the groundhog, he popped his head up with the spring daffodils and realized that he was in exactly the same spot he was in when he put his head down a year ago. Plus a grey hair or sleepless night or two.

We spent 30 minutes reviewing where he was and where he wanted to be. His eyes lit up with possibility and hope. He moved from denial into action.

I gave him my “Selling in a Down Market” letter that details options and how they work, along with advise to check with his attorney and CPA.

Maybe folks don’t call because they don’t want to sell, they just want the financial pressure to stop.

There are options. Really. And yes, that’s exactly what I do.

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Hi Rebekah,

I think many people don't use an agent until the last minute is because so many don't listen. For example, I was looking for a home a few years ago with a swimming pool -- and agent after agent showed me homes without a pool, "but there's room for one." That's not what I wanted. I was left with little choice but to find the home myself, then use an agent.

I know there's many great agents who do listen. But just like when you get one bad apple, you're hesitant about biting into the next.

Mar 28, 2011 08:07 AM